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Thursday, 27 February 2020

Old School Chiptune Show: See Leeni & Figher X in Belltown this Friday!

Leeni & Fighter X

It’s been a while…

Tomorrow there’s an event that’s a bit of a blast from the past. Chiptune musicians Leeni and Fighter X are putting on a show together with Katrina Kope (who is not strictly speaking a chiptune musician) at the Belltown Yacht club.

It’s been about a decade since Leeni has performed a chiptune show in this state. In fact, it was about 11 years ago that I went and saw both Leeni and Fighter X perform a chiptune show at The Vera Project in Seattle!

So if you’d like to go to a fun show full of electronic beep-boop music, you’d probably enjoy this one!

Leeni plus Fighter X (Plus special guest) (tickets)
Friday, February 28th, 9:00 PM
@ The Belltown Yacht Club
2320 1st Avenue, Seattle, WA 98121 (map)
21+, $10 advance/$12 day of

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Sunday, 27 October 2013

Mix CD: November 2013

Mix CD: October 2013

I’m Missing a Bunch of Album Art!

Still no baby! Everything’s ready for her (including us), but no birth over the weekend. Instead, I made a couple of Mix CDs. Yes, actual, physical CDs. Yes, I still do that sometimes, though it has actually been a couple of years since I’ve done so. So because it’s been so long, I decided to make a double-disc. I also threw out my rule about trying to have only one repeat from previous discs (there are a lot of repeats on these).

For this set I just arranged my collection alphabetically by artist and started at the top. I tried not to use more than 2 songs for any given artist chosen. I got down to the “P” artists before I filled up two discs! I fudged the order a couple of times (Julia Massey shouldn’t be on the first disc, for example), but whatever.

So here are the track lists. Wherever possible I tried to link to somewhere where you could download the song, or at least to a place where you can listen to the song. I was actually able to find them all… except for the songs that I wrote myself…

Anyway, enjoy! There are some good stuffs on these:
Mix CD: October 2013
Disc 1

  1. Ducktails – Moon by The Advantage
  2. Black Velvet by Alannah Myles
  3. Paradise by Ana Laan
  4. Airbrushed by Anamanaguchi
  5. All the Same to Me by Anya Marina
  6. Title Screen Music from the Animal Crossing OST
  7. Around the Bend by The Asteroids Galaxy Tour
  8. Search for the Giant Squid by Ballzack
  9. Draw a Crowd by Ben Folds Five
  10. Stay the Same by Bonobo with Andreya Triana
  11. Avantcore by Busdriver
  12. The Story of the Earth, So Far by Julia Massey & the Five Finger Discount
  13. The Factory by The Crazy Boy Floyds
  14. Photograph by Def Leppard
  15. Mercy by Duffy
  16. Lazy Bones by Esquivel
  17. Take Me Out by Franz Ferdinand
  18. The Frug by Rilo Kiley
  19. Little Fighter X by Fighter X
  20. Skeleton by Jimes
  21. Queen of Wishful Thinking by Saucecore
  22. Me and My Brother by Ballzack
  23. Haunted House by The Crazy Boy Floyds

Disc 2

  1. Spin Around by Josie & The Pussycats
  2. Spaceships by Julia Massey & The Five Finger Discount
  3. Take It Like a Man by Kay Hanley
  4. LonLon Ranch by Koji Kondo
  5. Awake by Leeni
  6. Nice Weather for Ducks by Lemon Jelly
  7. Chemistry by Locust Street Taxi
  8. Just Another Day from the Lost Viking OST
  9. Bucky Done Gun by M.I.A.
  10. Good Morning Moon by Marian Call
  11. Over and Over by Leeni
  12. Crashman Stage from Mega Man 2 OST
  13. Don’t Worry ‘Bout Us by Julia Massey & The Five Finger Discount
  14. Daybreak by Michael Haggins
  15. No Myth by Michael Penn
  16. Lollipop by Mika
  17. Zanac – Area 2 by Miyamo Shant
  18. Taste the Bass by Mono Puff
  19. Dear Carbon Nanotubes by Locust Street Taxi
  20. Starry Eyed Surprise by Oakenfold
  21. Experimental Dream FLCL by Open Mike Eagle
  22. Things I Think About On Planes by Palmdale

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Thursday, 9 April 2009

Chipped Tunes, or There Are Eight Bits to This Evening

Last night I headed up to Seattle to meet up with @gendlec and my brother to see a performance by a whole bunch of 8-Bit chiptune musicians.

The show was at the Vera Project on the back side corner of the Seattle Center. It is a strange little place—a youth center for and run by youth (of all people). It has a rather large-ish room with a stage in it. Strangely, this is not where the show happened. The musicians set up on tables out in the lobby area. The sound system in there was less than stellar, and the sound board looked to be run by a 15- or 16-year-old, so there were often problems with the volume levels and sound mixing.

1st up: FIGHTER X (MySpace)

Fighter X is an instrumentalist – no singing. Good stuff, though his live set tended to be a bit more dance-oriented than his recorded stuff, or maybe that’s just the way it came off on big speakers. He had a couple of Gameboys and a handful of other electronics equipment. He got really into the performance. He reminded me of a younger, red-headed “Piz” from Veronica Mars.

2nd up: LEENI (Website, MySpace)

Leeni performingLeeni is the real reason why I went to this show. I’ve been a fan of her music for about a year but had never gotten to see her live. She played a good set that was unfortunately plagued by technical difficulties—her vocal mic kept on getting feedback, a cable started dying, and the sound mix was less than stellar. She seemed pretty frustrated with it by the end, which was too bad. I still enjoyed her performance, though, and so did @gendlec. Plus she’s adorable! Like a tiny version of Missy Peregrym (from Reaper and Stick It) with pink hair. I bought her new CD, Labyrinth, which I like quite a lot. It’s creepier than her previous album.

3rd up: KGHB (KIDS GET HIT BY BUSES) (MySpace)

5099204These guys were frikkin’ hilarious. They dressed in matching red/white/silver, skin-tight outfits. They were all bravado and fearless energy. Their core was chiptune music, but they also had a vocoder synth, and the 2nd guy had two strap-on synthesizers that he kept on switching between, sometimes several times per song. He would often spend more time switching synths than he would playing them, which was very funny. They also had props! The lead singer put on goggles for no reason at one point. They had print-outs of some dude’s face that they wore on their hands and heads and performed a dance routine with. The crowd seemed most familiar with their songs and got into it. @gendlec recorded video of a couple of songs, so I’m gonna see about getting them from her and posting them here sometime soon. After their set they didn’t have a CD for sale, so we asked them what their MySpace was and they gave us some free buttons!

4th up: CIRCLES (MySpace)

Circles was one guy with a chiptune setup but also with an electric guitar. He impressed me least of all of them, though there was nothing at all bad about his performance or music. He did end the night with a Blink 182 cover, which was… an unfortunate thing to do. He seemed the most “mainstream” of them all. Plus we were pretty tired by this time.

Then we went to our separate homes.

Anyway, all of these artists are part of CrunchyCo, specifically Crunchy Records, which is a local group of chiptune musicians.

Some notes about the Youth of American as seen from our vantage point during the show: all boys are now wearing super-skinny, tapered jeans and their haircuts cover their ears. I don’t think I saw a single pair of ears on any of the men at this show. Their haircuts were either like Zac Efron or like Ryan Hansen (Dick Casablancas from Veronica Mars).

Here is a fascinating coincidence: The guy who animated one of Leeni’s videos (the one I posted here last week) and drew the album cover for one of Fighter X’s albums? Turns out that he’s none other than @GoshaDole , my good pal @elgaladwen’s boyfriend! I never knew that! Pretty awexeome, if you ask me.

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Sunday, 29 March 2009

Put Headphones on Your Heart

Here is an adorable video for one of Leeni’s songs:

I totally dig Leeni’s stuff. Her 8-Bit Heart album was my Album of the Month last April. I should probably pick up her new album, Labyrinth. She’s having a show on Wednesday the 8th of April with Fighter X, another really good chiptune musician. I could probably buy Labyrinth directly from Leeni’s merch table there. Anybody wanna go see this show with me?


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