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Monday, 23 July 2012

Fools Play’s War Against Lakefair: 2012

Every year, Fools Play Improv declares war on its hated enemy: Olympia’s Capital Lakefair. Why? For having the temerity to occur at the same time as Fools Play’s show!

And every year Fools Play is successful in COMPLETELY DESTROYING Lakefair — Lakefair is always gone by the end of the weekend in which the Fools Play War takes place.

This year the audience chose two key components of Lakefair to attack: the lake itself, and the corn on the cob. Watch the battle footage here, and see just how Fools Play COMPLETELY DESTROYED Capital Lakefair!

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Sunday, 19 July 2009

Fools Play War 2009

Every year Fools Play Improv declares war on Olympia’s Lakefair due to them trying to compete with our Saturday night entertainment. This is a just and righteous war. This year we sent out two powerful weapons: ANGRY BEEF and MIKE THE BLUE FOOL’S HAIR!

Let’s see how we did:

As you can see, Lakefair was completely destroyed. They won’t dare show their face again next year!

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