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Monday, 30 March 2009

What a (Sky)Lark!

Last Friday evening the wife and I headed on up north to go to the Skylark Café & Club because our good friend Three Ninjas was playing there. Also there were @rabbiddogg, @tangentbot, @HeartFeltRobots, and @angierox. You can see most of us in this photo that Three Ninjas took from the stage during his set!

Three Ninjas is much brighter than the rest of us

Three Ninjas dee-jayed about 42 very entertaining minutes, then had enough time to perform “The Ecstacy of Mallard” at the end.

I also finally picked up a copy of the Three Ninjas album, Welcome to Boy Zone. It’s been out for a while, and I feel bad for taking so long to get my own copy!

The 2nd band was The Order of the Crimson Wizard. They were a fascinating classical/metal/fantasy blend. Carrie & I enjoyed them tremendously, but I’d spent all my moneys on the Three Ninjas CD, so we couldn’t pick up a copy of their CD.

They said they were from Bellingham, so I emailed Ryan (of The Wastelanders and Chuckanut Drive) to see if he knew of them. He said that they used to practice next door to them, and “it always sounded like someone was just playing Castlevania out of a PA main.” He also described them as “Hobbit Rock,” which I thought was funny.

The third act was French Miami, a weirdly psychedelic rock trio from San Francisco. They got really into their music while they were playing it. They had a cool setup: the guitarist and bassist both had keyboards that they’d play as well, sometimes even at the same time as they were playing their guitars. Interesting stuff.

But anyway, Three Ninjas recorded his entire set, both audio and video. The audio is available for you to download AND ENJOY. Here is the audio recording of the performance.

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