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Friday, 1 March 2013

“Of the Month” March 2013

Link of the Month:
My Name is Not Michael Keaton
This site is NOT run by Michael Keaton. It is by the creator of Pictures for Sad Children, and is a weird and surreal comic with interspersed “found footage” videos. It is frikkin’ hilarious, and of very dubious legality.

Album of the Month:
Gavin Guss: On HighOn High by Gavin Guss
Gavin Guss continues his mastery of bubblegum/power pop/rock with On High which was released back in 2012 but I’m just now getting to. Catchy as hell in a very relaxed way, these are songs with hooks that seem just effortlessly put together. Guss’s music has a certain sense of inevitability about it; of course it sounds this way, because this is the way it sounds the best and most natural. Not terribly surprising or ground-breaking, but damned if I don’t want to just keep on listening to it.

TV Show of the Month:
Get a LifeGet A Life: The Complete Series
This show, much like Twin Peaks, makes me really wonder how the hell it ever got on the air. It is an incredibly weird, mean, and hilarious parody of the traditional TV sitcom. It’s about Chris Elliott, an unapologetic and unsympathetic man-child who still lives with his parents (his father is played by his actual father). Bizarre and surreal adventures ensue, and Chris actually dies at the end of 12 of the episodes. And somehow this completely off-the-wall show got 2 seasons under its belt! I love it, and it has finally been released on DVD. As it actually says on the back of the DVD box, “It’s like a nightmare come true!”

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