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Tuesday, 6 March 2018

“Of the Month” March 2018

Tweeter of the Month:

Mondo Mascots @mondomascots

You know how in America you’ll see big-head mascots walking around in theme parks like Disneyland, right? Well, you know how in Japan they have big-head mascots for almost everything, like individual towns, festivals, businesses, museums, buildings, etc., right? Mondo Mascots catalogs and displays the many hundreds and hundreds of mascots you’ll find walking around Japan, participating in festivals and running marathons, meeting children, and more! It’s all simply delightful.

Movie of the Month:

Thor Ragnarok

Though Wonder Woman was my favorite movie of 2017, Thor Ragnarok was definitely the most fun I had in a theater watching a movie. This movie has so much exciting energy and intensely stunning visuals, and the excruciatingly gut-busting comedy that no other Marvel movie has even come close to (not even the other openly comedic movies like Ant-Man or GOTG). It’s truly a marvel of a Marvel movie (sorry).

Comic Book of the Month:

The Unstoppable Wasp

Starring Nadia Pym, the secret daughter of Avengers founder Hank Pym (who is currently merged with Ultron and 100% evil because comic books). Nadia was raised in the “Red Room” program that produced Black Widow, but in the mad science division of it instead of the superspy program. Instead of being turned into a programmed killer, Nadia developed a forceful, unstoppable (hence the title) scientific curiosity and somehow managed to come out of it all with incredible optimism. In a comic book world of often dour antiheroes, it’s fantastic to see a character who is the complete opposite (but not in a cheesy way). There’s an earnest sincerity to Nadia’s go-get-em attitude that is seriously infectious. This series is as fun and endearing as its protagonist. You can do it!

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