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Friday, 27 February 2015

A Photo of Someone Else’s Flash

At the big musics show last week in Tacoma (the one at New Frontier Lounge), something very suh-weeeet happened. I was taking photos with my phone as is my habit. I did not have my flash on. However, someone else in the audience did. And by sheer happenstance, the two of us took a photo of Trees and Timber at the exact same moment, so that I took a photo using their flash! It looks so neat!

Trees and Timber: a Flashy Band!

Trees and Timber: a Flashy Band!

You know what we can do? We can solve the mystery: whose flash did I steal? Let’s take a look at that photo. The lead singer of Trees and Timber is wearing a baseball cap that casts a very distinctive shadow. Let’s line from the tip of the shadow’s brim down to the tip of the real person’s brim, and then continue that line down from there. Let’s also do the same with the back of his head. Since the shadow looms larger than his actual head, the two lines will likely converge (or get near each other) at some point.

That’s right! It’s time to…


(And just for good measure, the big shadow head on the right seems to belong to the guy standing directly in front of the drummer. So let’s draw a line across them, too). Here’s what we get:

Jumpin' Jack Flash!

Jumpin’ Jack Flash!

The lines converge on that guy in the lower-left! More specifically, they converge on the flash box of the camera that he is holding in his hands. Hey, waitaminute… I know that guy!

That’s musician, photographer, and all-around awexome guy Gary! I took a photo of him that night too… and it’s a photo of him looking at a photo…

Dutch angle, go!

Dutch angle, go!


Anyhoo, as is my nature I also made a couple of animated .GIFs of the bands that evening. Voila!

A GIF Gift for The Jesus Rehab!

GIF for Jesus Rehab!

A GIF Gift for Fruit Juice!

GIF for Fruit Juice!

I didn’t get a good .GIF of Trees and Timber or The Hoot Hoots, but c’est la vie.

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Tuesday, 17 February 2015

The Jesus Rehab & The Hoot Hoots are Coming to Tacoma This Friday!

The Jesus Rehab & The Hoot Hoots at New Frontier Lounge

The Jesus Rehab & The Hoot Hoots at New Frontier Lounge!

Okay, I know my last music post was about both The Jesus Rehab and The Hoot Hoots, but what can I say? They’re on quite a roll as of late…

…And they’re rolling into my backyard this Friday! That’s right, they’re both gonna perform at the New Frontier Lounge here in Tacoma! Joining them on the bill will be Olympia Band Fruit Juice and Tacoma natives Trees & Timber.

NEw Frontier Lounge

Friday, February 20th 9:00 PM
@ New Frontier Lounge
301 E 25th St, Tacoma, Washington 98421 (map)
21+, $5 Cover

Let’s do this, Tacoma! Invite all your T-town friends and meet me there!

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Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Music in Tacoma: The Jesus Rehab, Terrapin, TREVOR PEACH, & Back from Hiatus this Saturday at New Frontier!

It's a Tacomavaganza!

It’s a Tacomavaganza!

Last time a bunch of my favorite musicians performed in Tacoma, I just happened to be outta town. Well, not this weekend, baby! A bunch of great musical acts are gonna be in Tacoma this Saturday night, and I’m gonna be there! Yeah! Oh yeah!

  • The Jesus Rehab: 2-Person Seattle RAWK.
  • Terrapin: 1-person, loopy, spaced-out guitar goodtimes.
  • Back from Hiatus: I confess I’ve never heard of them, but I’ll listen to some of their stuff tonight.
  • TREVOR PEACH!!!!!!! The world’s best worst emo musician EVAR.

All of these musics happen at the lovely retro New Frontier Lounge down near the Tacoma Dome. Just a stone’s throw from my house (if you throw a stone, then drive for ten minutes).
New Frontier Lounge

As a two-for-one, here is Trevor Peach performing a Jesus Rehab song:

Back From Hiatus, The Jesus Rehab, Terrapin and Trevor Peach (Facebook Event)
Saturday, October 11th 8:00 PM
@ The New Frontier Lounge
301 E 25th St, Tacoma, Washington 98421 (map)
21+ / $5 cover

Trevor Peach gets Top Billing!

Let’s do this.

To me, my Tacomans. Let’s all go!

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Thursday, 7 August 2014

Julia Massey, The Jesus Rehab, and Terrapin while I’m Outta Town!

Julia Massey, Jesus Rehab, Terrapin

And right in my own backyard, too…

HEY! This Sunday 8/10 there is going to be an ass-kicking musics show right here in Tacoma town! Three of my favorite musics are happening all at once… and I won’t be there to see it!

Yes, Friday morning all my girls and I are heading up to remote B.C., Canada for a several-day vacation. We won’t be back until (very late) Tuesday evening. So we’ll miss this one.

But that doesn’t mean you should! You should go see Julia Massey & The Five Finger Discount (especially since this might be the last time to see Geoff B. Gibbs playing bass for them for quite a long while)! You should go see The Jesus Rehab (especially if you like to have your face rocked off)! You should go see Terrapin (especially if you like trippy, rocking, spacey, shoe-gazing guitar loops)!

Bonus, it’s all happening at the New Frontier Lounge in the shadow of the Tacoma Dome (not literally, of course), one of the coolest venues in all of T-town, daddy-o.

NEw Frontier Lounge

JM+FFD/The Jesus Rehab/Terrapin (Facebook event)
Sunday, August 10th 7:00 PM
@ The New Frontier Lounge
301 E 25th St, Tacoma, WA 98421
$5, 21+

I definitely WON’T see you there. But you can see each other there! And when I come back I’ll be coming back with a vengeance, with a new Movie Review and e’ryfing!

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Monday, 16 June 2014

See Terrapin Tonight, and Meet Jesus Tomorrow

There are two music shows happening on school nights. One of them is TONIGHT (Monday)!

Terrapin Tonight!

Terrapin Tonight!

Yes, Neighbor Gary in his guise as Terrapin will be playing in Tacoma tonight! It’s at the New Frontier Lounge, which is an exceptionally awesome venue near the Tacoma Dome. It has a good retro vibe to it (it used to be a restaurant/bowling alley) and still has its old-timey signage and everything.

Burning Palms/Lozen/Terrapin (Facebook Event)
Monday, 6/16 8:00 PM
@ New Frontier Lounge
301 E 25th St, Tacoma, WA 98421
$5 21+

Then TOMORROW (Tuesday) night, you can go to rehab with Jesus himself!

Meet Jesus Tomorrow!

Meet Jesus Tomorrow!

The Jesus Rehab, Seattle’s best two-man band, will be playing at Ballard’s own Tractor Tavern.

Lee Bains III & The Glory Fires, The Jesus Rehab, Spinning Whips (Facebook Event)
Tuesday, 6/17 8:00 PM
@ Tractor Tavern
5213 Ballard Ave NW, Seattle, 98107
$8 21+

Will I see you there? I dunno! They’re both on school nights, and I’m very tired on account of having a wee beb! So we’ll see. I might go to New Frontier but probably won’t get up to Tractor.

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Tuesday, 24 March 2009

A New Frontier

Yesterday (Monday) Carrie & I went out and hung out with some Bead people at a local bar because it was a birfday party for one of them. That isn’t very unusual, but what was unusual was the fact that we didn’t head out until after 10:00 PM. It felt very strange… often we’re getting ready for bed at that time. ‘Cause we’re OLD, see.

Anyhoo, we picked @SphinxAkashaa up from his bus where it let him out on Commerce and met everybody down at the New Frontier Lounge, which we didn’t even know existed out there. They had a DJ who was spinning/mixing entirely reggae vinyl. It was interesting. The place is actually pretty cool, and it was nice to hang out with a bunch of Bead Babes & Boys.

We didn’t get back home until about Midnight:15, which is again very unusual for us. ‘Cause we’re OLD, see.

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