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Friday, 28 January 2011

Port Milkshake

A couple of days ago it was KowaiHitsuji’s birfday, so Carrie & I headed up to Seattle to celebrate it with her. We met her at Dilettante Mocha Café on Broadway and there we had the best milkshake in the history of the world EVAR.

The Port Milkshake.

From what I can tell it’s exactly what it sounds like: a milkshake with port wine in it.


It is amazing. You seriously have no idea. We also had bread pudding, but let’s get back to the port milkshake because HOLY CRAP it is good. HOLY CRAP. Now I’m ruined for all other milkshakes for all time. Well, not really. But still, it IS THAT GOOD. Do all of my UNNECESSARY CAPS convince you yet? Just go over there and drink one of those milkshakes full of sweet alcohol goodness and decide for yourself.

Now I want to have port milkshakes ALL OF THE TIME.

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