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Thursday, 7 April 2016

*Ring-Ring* It’s the Congratumaphone for Tacocat!

Who's got the power?

Who’s got the power?

You might not have noticed it, but included in the long, long list of TV shows and movies that are returning for another go at it (a list that also includes The X-Files, Twin Peaks, Gilmore Girls, Samurai Jack, Pee-Wee Herman, and probably several others I just don’t want to take time to remember right now) is the wondrous PowerPuff Girls!

That’s right, a new season of The PowerPuff Girls has just started airing, and with some minor tweaks here and there it looks to be doing a bang-up job of continuing in the spirit of the original. One of the tweaks is a brand-new theme song, recorded by none other than Seattle band TACOCAT! It’s called, “Who’s Got the Power?” Take a look and a listen:

There are a few really cool things going on here. First, Tacocat is the heir to the 1990s Riot Grrrl phenomenon; they’re an unabashedly feminist, girl-power-filled, and bright-punk group, and their brightly-colored aesthetic is an ungodly good match to the brightly-colored PowerPuff Girls.

Sadly, neither Tacos nor Cats in RL.

Sadly, neither Tacos nor Cats in RL.

Continuing in that theme, the visuals in this new introduction include a lot of the low-fi, DIY, photocopied aesthetic of the 90s zine culture (see the screenshot at the top of this post) that was extraordinarily popular in the Puget Sound area in the 90s, and was a huge part of Riot Grrrl. As a Puget Sound native, these are all things that I greatly appreciate.

Plus, the song is just catchy and fun, much like The PowerPuff Girls.

So, yes, *Ring-Ring* goes the Congratumaphone. Well done, Tacocat.

Also in honor of the return of The PowerPuff Girls, I “Powerpuffed” myself (which you, too, can do here). What do you think?

I dunno, they look kinda creepy with a beard...

I dunno, they look kinda creepy with a beard…

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Friday, 17 January 2014

The Powerpuff Girls Return… with Ringo Starr!?

He's Not One of the Beat-Alls...

He’s Not One of the Beat-Alls…

The The Powerpuff Girls, like Futurama before it, is kinda proving to be the series that wouldn’t die. It aired its last episode in 2004, but then in 2009 it popped back up with a 10th Anniversary Special. That one was different from the series in that it was animated with Flash instead of hand-drawn.

Now this coming monday we’re getting another special! This one is called The Powerpuff Girls: Dance Pantsed. It’s apparently about an evil Dance Dance Revolution type of video game or something? This one is different from both the series and the 10th Anniversary Special in that it is animated with CGI.

Also Ringo Starr voices (and lends his likeness to) a character named Fibonacci Sequins, and he actually recorded an original song, which you can listen to and watch here in this video:

There’s no way to know whether or not the visuals in that video are indicative of the special’s videos as a whole, but it is an intriguing look. I don’t know if it’s a good look for the Powerpuff Girls, though. I’m reserving judgment until I see the special.

Troubling, though, is the fact that apparently Craig McCracken, the creator of Powerpuff Girls, is not involved in the making of this special! It’s being made by one of the guys who directed some of the episodes of the cartoon, but to have the creator of a show not involved in a special is not a good sign.

That said, I still plan on watching it! And I am watching it in the hopes that it will be good. Probably not as good as the 10th Anniversary Special was, but (again) I’ll reserve judgement until I see it.

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Friday, 1 May 2009

“Of the Month” May ’09

Link of the Month:
blowupdoll blowupdoll
No, it’s not some blow-up doll fetish site. It’s a site dedicated to the wonderfully fun musical genre of yé-yé: music of female French pop stars, especially from the 1960s and ’70s. Downloads are available for a limited time only, so be sure to visit often!

Album of the Month:
May 2009 Album of the Month Julia Massey: Moons & Stars Convene
This is some excellent female singer/songwriter folk-rock-pop. A lot of the songs are stick-in-your-head catchy. Her voice is dreamy but strong; she has a good range through both her regular voice and falsetto (except it’s not called “falsetto” if it’s a girl but I can’t remember what it’s called). At times it reminds me of Aimee Mann. She’s currently performing with the Five-Fingered Discount as a backing band, which gives her a whole new sound; I can’t wait for her to record an album with them (hint-hint, Julia).

DVD of the Month:
May 2009 DVD of the Month The Powerpuff Girls: The Complete Series – 10th Anniversary Collection
Woo! Every single episode of the Powerpuff Girls cartoon collected in one set, including one episode that never aired in the States (only in Canada for some reason) AND the supremely awesome 10th Anniversary Special episode! Man, this is some good stuff. When are they gonna do this for Dexter’s Lab?

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Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Happy Anniversary, Girls

Yesterday (Monday) was the 10th Anniversary of the Powerpuff girls. Did you know that? I didn’t know that until I happened to be flipping through channels and saw that there were several episodes on in a row.

“Hmm,” I thought. “I haven’t seen that show on television for years. I wonder what episodes they’re playing”

Turned out they were playing Craig McCracken’s favorite episodes, so they were all pretty good. I watched a handful and then at the end of the marathon they played a brand-new episode.

Holy crap it was funny.

There were many surprising things that happened in it, such as Mojo Jojo singing a Tears for Fears song. Look!

There was also a very pleasing Mario Kart reference, some very wacky reaction animations, and they actually showed Ms. Bellum’s face for one frame. Click here if you wanna see it! Don’t click there if you don’t wanna.

But far more important than all of that stuff was the fact that the timing of the episode was impeccable. Just spot-on. It was fast, it was funny, but most importantly it had what we at Fools Play call “heightened telling.” It just served to illustrate exactly how excremental most of the cartoons on TV are right now.

So good job, girls. We miss you. And—hey! Put your movie out in widescreen format for pity’s sake!

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