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Thursday, 15 March 2012

A Chang for the Better: Community Returns TONIGHT!

If you haven’t seen NBC’s Community, well, why the eff not? It is my favorite show on the TeleVision right now, but it has been off the air for the past three months. Well, that changes tonight, Thursday March 15th, when a new episode of Community airs at 8:00!

Listen, I know you’re still mad at NBC because of the whole Conan fiasco, but don’t blame Community for the idiocy in charge of the network. But do get mad at the idiots who took this show off the air for three months!

What has happened in the months since idiots in charge of NBC unceremoniously dumped on the show? Lookit here:

And now that the show is back look what it has in store for you:

Seriously, if you’re not watching this show and loving it I don’t understand you. Find the episodes and catch up as quickly as you can, because Community will Chang your life for the better.


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