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Thursday, 1 May 2014

Three Ninjas & Joshua Stephens as Animated .GIFs!

Tuesday night I went up to Three Ninjas’s Album Release Party for his newest album, Alcohol & Isolation. His opening act was the folk punk one-man dynamo, Joshua Stephens.

As is my way when it comes to music shows, I made some animated .GIFs of the festivities. Partake and enjoy!

I’ve made many an animated .GIF in my time. ‘Tis true! Look at ’em all!

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Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Three Ninjas: Authentic County

Musician Three Ninjas has always been a bit of a dichotomy. He generally makes two types of music: self-deprecating (and often very funny) hip-hop musics, and old-school, “my truck broke, my woman left me, my dog died, all I can do now is drink” country musics. His hip-hop musics have been very well represented in his recordings, but except for a few one-offs he hasn’t actually released much of his country musics…


Threeni has now released a full-length album of nothing but authentic, old-school, wish-I-were-dead country musics, deliciously titled Alcohol & Isolation.

Three Ninjas: Alcohol & Isolation

Album Artwork by Jen McCreight!

With song titles such as “Your Mother Doesn’t Love You,” “Feeling Sad & Getting Drunk,” and “I’m Hanging Myself Tonight,” it might be tempting to dismiss this album as parodying or poking fun at country music. But quite the opposite; this is raw, soul-searing and angrily defeated music. This is white man’s blues, as only real country music can be. This is the opposite of ironic.

This is some good stuff.

Threeni and his good pal Joshua Stephens are going on a west-coast tour to celebrate. The tour kicks off this Wednesday 4/16/14 in Olympia at everyone’s favorite hole-in-the wall, Le Voyeur.

Joshua Stephens + Three Ninjas Tour Kick Off (Facebook event)
Wednesday, April 16th at 8:30 PM
@ Le Voyeur:
404 4th Ave E, Olympia, WA (map)_
21+ FREE!

Then they return on April 29th for a triumphant return show (and official CD Release Party) at The Skylark Cafe in West Seattle.

Alcohol & Isolation CD Release Party (Facebook event)
Tuesday, April 29th at 8:00 PM
@ The Skylark Cafe:
3803 Delridge Way SW, Seattle, WA (map)
21+ $6

I’m not going to be able to go to the kick off, but I will try my darnedest to catch the return. SO CAN YOU!

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Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Pancake Party This Sunday at the Skylark Cafe!

You say you like musics? Well, now’s your chance to prove it. This Sunday, the 7th of October 2012, my fave venue the Skylark Café is playing host to an epic Pancake Party.

If you haven’t been to a Pancake Party, here’s the deal: you get to listen to great live music and eat freshly-made pancakes. How is this not the best thing ever?

Bonus: This Pancake Party is also a fundraiser for KSUB, one of the last truly-independent college radio stations around (they let the DJs play literally whatever they want).

Another Bonus: This show is ALL-AGES.

Bonus the Third: This show begins on a Sunday afternoon! That means that it’ll probably be over at a reasonable enough time that you can get on back home to your bed and have some quality sleepytime before you gots ta go to work at work-o-clock-in-the-morning AM.

Bonus IV – The Final Bonus: There are SEVEN (count ’em) Pancake Party artists gonna perform their musics for your ear holes! Ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-check it out:

  1. Terrapin
  2. Three Ninjas
  3. Safeword Sasquatch
  4. Julia Massey & The Five Finger Discount
  5. The Jesus Rehab
  6. Christa Says Yay
  7. Certain Inertia

Will there also be “special guests?” There might, rabbit, there might. You gots ta show up and see this thing, yo! There’s one o’ them Facebook events about it, so if’n you on that Facebook, you can get all up ons that event.

Here are the deets:

Here are approximate play times:
3:20-3:50: Terrapin
4:10-4:40: Three Ninjas
5:00-5:30: Safeword Sasquatch
5:50-6:20: Julia Massey & The Five Finger Discount
6:40-7:10: The Jesus Rehab
7:30-8:00: Christa Says Yay
8:20-8:50: Certain Inertia

I will be there! SO CAN YOU!

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Sunday, 10 July 2011

20/20 Vision of Three Ninjas & Tangentbot

Remember when I posted about how famous my pal Jason is? Well, he just keeps gettin’ more and more famouser.

After his appearance on the Today Show, that TV show 20/20 flew him back to New York to interview him. And they lubbed him so much they actually agreed to fly a film crew out to Seattle to film him performing his musics as Three Ninjas.

So @NatheLawver and @tacomachickadee and picked me up and we drove the 40 minutes up to West Seattle to see Three Ninjas & Tangentbot (and special guest Pop Star Shannon O’Brien) perform their tiny open-mic set at the Skylark Café with a 20/20 film crew filming it, then we drove all the way back to Tacoma.

From left: Tangentbot, Three Ninjas, Pop Star Shannon O'Brien

From left: Tangentbot, Three Ninjas, Pop Star Shannon O'Brien

Total drive time was 1hr 20min. Total show time was approx 20 minutes.


So there’s a slim chance that I might appear on a soon-to-air episode of 20/20 in an audience reaction shot. No biggie.

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Monday, 30 March 2009

What a (Sky)Lark!

Last Friday evening the wife and I headed on up north to go to the Skylark Café & Club because our good friend Three Ninjas was playing there. Also there were @rabbiddogg, @tangentbot, @HeartFeltRobots, and @angierox. You can see most of us in this photo that Three Ninjas took from the stage during his set!

Three Ninjas is much brighter than the rest of us

Three Ninjas dee-jayed about 42 very entertaining minutes, then had enough time to perform “The Ecstacy of Mallard” at the end.

I also finally picked up a copy of the Three Ninjas album, Welcome to Boy Zone. It’s been out for a while, and I feel bad for taking so long to get my own copy!

The 2nd band was The Order of the Crimson Wizard. They were a fascinating classical/metal/fantasy blend. Carrie & I enjoyed them tremendously, but I’d spent all my moneys on the Three Ninjas CD, so we couldn’t pick up a copy of their CD.

They said they were from Bellingham, so I emailed Ryan (of The Wastelanders and Chuckanut Drive) to see if he knew of them. He said that they used to practice next door to them, and “it always sounded like someone was just playing Castlevania out of a PA main.” He also described them as “Hobbit Rock,” which I thought was funny.

The third act was French Miami, a weirdly psychedelic rock trio from San Francisco. They got really into their music while they were playing it. They had a cool setup: the guitarist and bassist both had keyboards that they’d play as well, sometimes even at the same time as they were playing their guitars. Interesting stuff.

But anyway, Three Ninjas recorded his entire set, both audio and video. The audio is available for you to download AND ENJOY. Here is the audio recording of the performance.

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