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Tuesday, 9 July 2013

“Of the Month” July 2013

Album of the Month:
Robb Benson & The Shelk Album Cover Robb Benson & The Shelk: Cursive Falls From the Sky
Two Albums of the Month in one year from the same artist? Yes, it’s Robb Benson, Seattle mainstay and frontman of The Glass Notes, who had my Album of the Month back in February. This time it’s The Shelk (as in part shark, part elk) and it’s another very good, catchy album. The styles are much more varied than the hard-rockin’ Glass Notes, including some interesting synth-poppy stuff. I enjoy it!

Game of the Month:
1307game Animal Crossing: New Leaf
Easily the best Animal Crossing game since the original for GameCube o-so-many years ago. This time not only do you own a house, but you are actually the mayor of the whole town and get to build “public works” that improve your town. There’s a city section like in City Folk, but it is actually useful and necessary unlike in that game. Tonnes of new features make it hard to stop playing, and the 3DS allows you to do some really cool thinks, like making hanging out with friends over the internet super easy. And also you can tweet screenshots of the game!

Book of the Month:
1307book Slan: A Novel by A.E. Van Vogt
Though it’s almost unheard of nowadays, Slan is the book that really ushered in the “Golden Age” of Science Fiction. It is the book that all of the great authors of that era looked to as a shining example of a favorite SF book. It’s a fascinating read: extraordinarily fast-paced and incredibly pulpy with a protagonist who is so superhuman that it’s impossible to relate to him. But the ideas fly fast and loose and the science is ridiculous and sketchy, and it’s a lot of fun in the way that 1940s serials are a lot of fun.

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