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Friday, 17 March 2017

The Gentlemen of Leisure are Great and Powerful

Even more than that wizard guy, whoever he was.

Even more than that wizard guy, whoever he was.

Y’know how sometimes it seems like everybody in my life is a musician? Well, ad another whole group o’ folks called Gentlemen of Leisure to that list!

Made up of some of my very good friends, including a couple of Katrina evacuees from New Orleans who ended up in Tacoma (Sphinx Akashaa & Chris Blount) and a gorgeous redhead cellist from Philly (Jen Hasson), GOL (as they’re known for short) have released their very first EP, Great and Powerful! You can buy it right now, and it’s only pay-what-you-want:

The reason why this is being released today? Well, the whole gang is down in Austin, Texas, for the South by Southwest festival. They’re part of a showcase of Seattle-area musicians who all trekked down (dubbed Seattle X Southwest) that’s happening TODAY! See here:

Seattle by Southwest Lineup.

Seattle X Southwest Lineup.

So if you also happen to be at SXSW this year, you should definitely go and check these peoples out.

3rd Annual Seattle X Southwest (Faced Book Event)
TODAY at 3:00 PM (Texas Time)
@ The Local Pub and Patio
2610 Guadalupe St, Austin, TX 78705 (map)
FREE, 21+

They're on at 9:00.

They’re on at 9:00.

Hey, since GOL are on at 9:00, you’ll have time to go from their performance over to Barracuda to catch my other pal, Open Mike Eagle, do his set at 1:00 in the AM!


♫ Oooo-oooooo-ooooooooo… Barracuda!

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Monday, 11 November 2013

Baby Avery’s First Music Show!

Last Friday there was a pretty awesome musics show at Metronome Coffee in Tacoma. I took some o’ them photos.

First up was Lawrence “Sphinx Akashaa” Duncan. For one song he was joined by special guest Chris Blount!

Sphinx & Chris Blount

Sphinx & Chris

Then was the headliner, Julia Massey and half of the Five Finger Discount (their drummer Dom was off on a Hawaiian vacation):

Julia & Geoff

Julia & Geoff

And since this is me, I made an animated GIF of them. Of course.

Julia & Geoff: Animated!

Julia & Geoff: Animated!

After that was Terrapin Productions, who was joined by the FFD’s bassist Geoff:

Gary & Geoff

Gary & Geoff

One thing that was very nice about the night (other than the musics) was the fact that when I looked around the rather-packed room I knew probably 90% of the people there.

The Crowd

The Crowd

But what was especially special was the fact that we brought wee baby Avery with us for her first real outing at only one week of age. She ended up being the real star of the show! It was for many people the first time they had seen her. She was passed from friendly hand to friendly hand all night long.

Lara & Avery

Lara & Avery

Even rock stars couldn’t resist the urge of the cuteness of the wee beb:

Julia & Avery

Julia & Avery

In fact, Avery is so beloved that Julia Massey & The Five Finger Discount actually wrote a song for her before she was born. It is called “Montana Capri” because before we announced the name of Avery we used Montana Capri as her codename. This was the first time the song was ever performed live, and it was performed for Avery:

How many babies have songs written for them? And how many babies have the song performed for them live on stage in their first week of life? We have a very, very lucky wee beb.

Unfortunately we had to leave while The Old Salt was setting up due to the wee beb having been out for a couple of hours. But it was a pretty amazing night.

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Wednesday, 6 November 2013

The Old Salt, Terrapin, and Julia Massey at Metronome Coffee This Friday 11/8/13 (with Special Guest Sphinx Akashaa)!


(Julia is the sloth)

A bunch o’ great musicians are coming to Tacoma this Friday! It’s a night of kinda epic, spacey folk/rock. We have:

This is all happening again at Metronome Coffee, where last we saw Marian Call play.

Metronome Coffee

6th & Union, Tacoma, WA

Here’s the thing: Carrie and I are going to try our hardest to make it to at least some of this show, and we plan on bringing a not-so-little Avery with us! Wee beb’s first outing!

Plans are subject to change, of course, based on how everyone in the household is feeling at the time, but regardless of whether or not we three make it out to the show, I highly encourage all of my T-town (and beyond) friends to head to 6th & Union on Friday night!

The Old Salt, Terrapin Productions, Julia Massey & The Five Finger Discount @ Metronome Coffee (Facebook Event)
3518 6th Avenue, Tacoma, WA
8:00 PM
All Ages: FREE!

We’ll meet you there… probably!

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Wednesday, 7 August 2013

My Famous Friends: The Brothers Rapture

This one is a bit of a two-fer.

Hey, y’know that video game BioShock? And BioShock 2? Yeah? Well, they’re pretty well-known. I must confess I haven’t played any of the BioShock series on account of I don’t game on the PC, and I only have ever had Nintendo console systems.

Anyhoo, BioShock is one of the most acclaimed video game series of the past 10 years. It has a rich backstory, but only a backstory that has been hinted about in the games and never actually seen.

And so a couple of young guys got together and decided to make a slice-of-life short film that takes place before the events of the series. That film was called The Brothers Rapture. It’s a deceptively simple, tragic little story of brotherhood, art, power, and creative limits.

It was directed by Shaun Rykiss and produced by Trevor Lareau. I’ve known Trevor since he was, what, four years old? Carrie & I used to babysit him.

It quickly gained much attention from geek-and-gamer-oriented websites like this Kotaku article, and it has garnered over 160,000 views since it was released back in May.

Recently Trevor and Shaun were interviewed by the “Nerd Like You” website. It’s a good read; you should check it out.

And whole you’re at it, you should probably just watch the durned movie:

Oh, and as a bonus famous friend, the interviewer over at Nerd Like You is none other than my good pal Sphinx Akashaa:

So, yeah, a little bit of a two-fer of famous friends today.

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