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Wednesday, 2 July 2008

"Of the Month" July ’08

Link of the Month:
Star Pirates
This is just a really fun text-based MMORPG. It’s easy to log on, play for a couple of minutes, then log off. Or if you want, you can log on and play for hours. Plus its absolutely free! It has a great sense of community with fleet building and fleet wars. But it’s also a game in which everyone is a pirate, so there is a lot of player-killing and theft, so you gotta think strategically and watch your back. If you want you can use real-world money to purchase advantages in the game (such as regenerating fuel and energy at a must faster rate), but I’ve been playing for a couple of weeks now without spending a dime, so I know first-hand that it’s a great game even if you’re dirt-poor. Like me!

DVD of the Month:
My Boys: The Complete 1st Season
I would never have thought that I’d like this show. It’s about sports writers in Chicago. It’s 100% baseball metaphors. But I just think it’s hilarious. I knew that it was one of my favorite shows on television when they actually had a “douchebag intervention” when one of their friend started acting too “douchy.” These characters are really funny, and actually seem like they’ve known each other for years. Hugs, not drugs.

Album of the Month:
Natalie Portman’s Shaved Head: Glistening Pleasure
This album from a great Seattle-based indy group hasn’t even come out yet, and I’m making it my Album of the Month. I feel justifiably confident that it’s going to kick ass because I’ve heard it. Several songs are available on their MySpace page, and beyond that I’ve seen them live and the show was an absolute hoot. Hoot, I tell you! They’re like a brilliant parody of 1980s, high-energy, synth-rock. With songs like “Beard Lust” and “Me Plus Yr Daughter,” Natalie Portman’s Shaved Head is just awexome. And the band named after it is pretty awexome, too. Be like me and pre-order Glistening Pleasure! Support your local awexome!

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Monday, 23 June 2008

Arrr in the Stars

Schill time: So I’ve started playing this cute little free online game called Star Pirates. It has a very old-school, text-adventure feel to it. And, seriously, you can log on and play for just a couple of minutes at a time. It’s the kind of game where you can spend real-world money to get advantages, but I know first-hand that it’s a very enjoyable game even if you don’t shell out anything. Go on… give it a try. My character’s name is AngryBeef and my ship’s name is Lil’ Angro. I’ll see you… amongst the stars! Arrrr!

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