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Wednesday, 9 October 2019

For Your Wednesday Listening Pleasure: “True Kinda Love” by Estelle

Hey, you, show me that solvable problem…

Hey, you, show me that solvable problem…

Hey, I’m back from my month-long hiatus! I actually planned to come back last Wednesday with this post, but I completely forgot because I am a BIG BRAIN.

Anyhoo, be pleasured by this lovely, lovely bit of absolute magic:

I say “By Estelle” in the subject, but really this song is also of course by Rebecca Sugar, the creator of Steven Universe and director of Steven Universe: The Movie, the soundtrack of which this song is from. Also, this song was co-written by none other than Chance the Rapper. Yes, the Chance the Rapper! Quite a pedigree this song’s got, eh? Eh?

You have once again been pleasured. And if you haven’t seen Steven Universe: The Movie yet, you really, really should. IMMEDIATELY!

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Wednesday, 23 January 2019

For Your Wednesday Listening Pleasure: “We Are the Crystal Gems” by Steven Universe

We'll win the fight and then go out for pizzas…

We’ll win the fight and then go out for pizzas…

Did you watch the big, huge, new, hour-long Steven Universe that premiered on Monday night? If not, stay the heck away from this post! Heck!

Anyhoo, the episode, “Change Your Mind,” sure seemed to be the culmination of 5 years and 100+ episodes of the show. It brought to a close pretty much all of the major storylines, and it ended, as it should, with a song: a reworking of the opening theme song of the show itself. Take a watch/listen for yourself!

Actually, my previous paragraph was not entirely truthful. The show didn’t end with a song; it ended with two songs. After all the problems are solved and everything has calmed down, Steven sits on the beach with the three people (well, sentient lesbian space rocks) with whom he began this journey in Episode 1, and sings a little coda to the whole series. It’s very simple, but it’s exceedingly sell-sung by Zach Callistan. It is, like the episode itself, called “Change Your Mind.” Here you go.

I don’t know what Steven Universe can do from here. I know there’s a movie coming out later this year, and the possibility of another season. But the whole arc of the show has now been wrapped up; the diamonds have been “defeated” and the corrupted gems have been uncorrupted. There are some dangling threads, like will the diamonds be able to successfully dismantle their horrible, oppressive dictatorship? Will gem society be able to adjust smoothly into a free society? Will Pearl ever go out on a date with the Mystery Girl? So we’ll just have to wait (for a long time, per usual with this show) to see what happens.

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Wednesday, 27 December 2017

For Your Wednesday Listening (and Dancing) Pleasure: It’s Over, Isn’t It?

I’m not crying, you’re crying. Shut up:

Ballerina Juliet Doherty teamed up with Cartoon Network to transform herself into a “living Pearl” and dance to this song from Steven Universe. Yes, this song is from a “children’s” cartoon.

You can watch the original version from the episode (highly recommended) right here. Now go dry your eyes.

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Friday, 8 September 2017

“Of the Month” September 2017

Show of the Month

The Tick

I’m surprised at just how well the Tick always seems to work. There have been 4 iterations of the character and premise and they’ve all been great (though later comics that weren’t written by Ben Edlund didn’t quite grab the mustard as mightily as they might’ve). This latest version on Amazon Prime has much of the same absurdity and humor as the other versions (see: Very Large Man), and Peter Serafinowicz’s performance in the blue suit is full of the blind, enthusiastic gusto that you expect from the Tick. But this is the first version where there is actually deep, psychological development of some of the more “regular” characters, especially Arthur. For the first time these characters aren’t just send-ups of superhero tropes (though they are still that), but they’re actually fully-developed characters that have real lives. I’m also very surprised that Edlund decided to go for a much more mature-rated program: there is lots and lots of realistic blood and quite a but of foul language. But somehow the contrast between the Tick himself and this more-realistic world makes the character even more himself. Also: I <3 Dangerboat.

Link of the Month

I Went Gaming

A pair of people, the Lundy brothers, who make video games. They’re in the midst of a “game a month” spree throughout 2017 (though they’re a month behind). Are the games any “good?” It’s… hard to say, but the appeal lies in their absurd and funny themes and aesthetics. All the art is hand-drawn by Laramie Lundy (the Olive Fool of Fools Play Improv) in his signature disturbing style (he’s one of the artists behind The Abyss art book that came out last year). There’s a menu-based street fighter game, a punk Guinea pig racing game, a door-to-door knife salesman game, a game about joining a cult, and the like. They’re completely unpolished and rough, but there’s something irresistible (for a few minutes at least) about the worlds that they create.

Podcast of the Month

The Official Steven Universe Podcast

This podcast, all about the best TV show on the air right now, is actually recorded at the Cartoon Network offices and hosted by an intern there. As such, it has unprecedented access to all the people involved in the show; they mostly work literally just outside the room where this is recorded. It’s full of amazing insight and anecdotes and behind-the-scenes work about making the amazing Steven Universe.

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Monday, 3 July 2017

“Of the Month” July 2017

Album of the Month:

Steven Universe: Soundtrack (Vol. 1)

It’s SOOOO GOOOOD. I already wrote a post about it, so go read that.

Show of the Month:


A (very) fictionalized account of the origins of the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling (GLOW) TV show and promotion from the 1980s. This is a raunchy, hard-R comedy about a struggling actress (played by Community’s Allison Brie), whom nobody likes, trying to find her place in this group of crazy and hilarious women. Standout performance by Marc Maron as the show’s director: a sleazy, insensitive man with a heart of more sleaze. It’s very funny and the 80s aesthetics are spot-on. There’s some great tension between wondering if this whole GLOW thing is empowering for the women involved or exploitative. Full disclosure: I’ve only watched the first 2 (of 10) episodes so far, so maybe the series sucks after that? But somehow I doubt it.

Organization of the Month:

Metropolitan Development Council of Tacoma (MDC)

In their own words:

MDC is a vital community resource for Tacoma and Pierce County. Founded in 1964 as a non-profit Community Action Agency. For most of our more than 50 year history, MDC has responded to community needs by providing services that address the needs of low-income families. We have introduced national model programs such as “Housing First,” “Healthcare for the Homeless,” “College Bound,” and the “Educational Opportunity Center,” which, in turn, have improved lives and given hope to thousands of residents. Known by many names in the early years (e.g. Tacoma Pierce County Opportunity and Development, Inc.), our legal name is Metropolitan Development Council. We are currently doing business as MDC.

These are good people doing real good for the people who need it. Donate today to help out.

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Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Get the Official Steven Universe Soundtrack. Do It.

Qui sont les Gemmes de Cristal? NOUS sommes les Gemmes de Cristal!

Qui sont les Gemmes de Cristal? NOUS sommes les Gemmes de Cristal!

Last week finally saw the release of something Steven Universe fans have been clamoring for since days of yore, the release of the Official Soundtrack! I’ve been listening to it a lot and I’m not crying you’re crying shut up.

This isn’t just some “Best Of” travesty that has a handful of songs from the show, this album has 37 whopping songs for your enjoyment:

Most of these songs have been available on teh internets for a long time in various forms, especially from series composers Aivi and Surasshu’s Soundcloud account. Many of the songs, though have only been available because the audio was recorded directly from the broadcast episode, so the quality hasn’t been all that high. BUT NO LONGER! The songs on this album have all been re-mastered and any interfering sound effects removed. The results are gorgeous clarity.

Amusingly, even at 37 tracks there are some omissions. Most are tiny little ditties that Steven bursts out that only last a second or two, like “Steven Tag” and “Hey, Mr. Postman,” and “It Might As Well Be Your Birthday”—the last of which even has background music, watch:

But the two most grievous omissions are “Do or Do Nut,” Mr. Smiley’s hilarious workplace-safety song, and “Li’l Butler,” the brilliant theme song for an absurdly awful sitcom:

Minor quibbles, I assure you. Listening to this album in order is like listening to the core emotional evolution of the whole Steven Universe series. I mean, you don’t get songs like this in just any children’s cartoon:

Shut up I’m not crying you’re crying shut up.

The Steven Universe Soundtrack Vol. 1 (VOLUME ONE, PEOPLE; THEY GONNA MAKE MORE!!!!) is available on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, and Google Play. All 37 songs for less that ten bucks. GIT IT.

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Wednesday, 4 January 2017

“Of the Month” January 2017

TV Show of the Month:
The Expanse
The Expanse

A very intelligent Sci-Fi show on the SyFy channel. At its heart it’s a mystery—Why did these events happen? Who orchestrated them? Why? How? It slowly unfolds into an epic scope but stays focused on a core cast of about six people, sifting its story through the lenses of three intertwining storylines: an old-fashioned, hard-boiled detective; a crew of working-class space miners; and a very powerful government worker of nebulous rank and legality. Periodic vignettes and flashbacks show what life is like in the Solar system about 200 years from now. Turns out it’s a gritty, downtrodden, paranoid place. A powderkeg waiting to blow. But should the fire be put out or should the flames be fanned? Gripping and exciting. Excellent.

Comic Book of the Month:

Steven Universe: Too Cool for School

Basically like an episode (or likely a two-parter) of the cartoon, “Too Cool for School” wonders what would happen if Connie took Steven to school for show and tell… and he ended up staying. There are monster fights, gem superhero action, and some junior-high drama all mixed in together. It’s great fun.

Tabletop Game of the Month:


Takenoko (Japanese for “Bamboo Shoot”) is a game about creating a bamboo garden in which a hungry panda lives. Points are scored by laying down certain configurations of garden tiles, by growing certain configurations of bamboo, or by having the panda eat certain configurations of bamboo. It’s a very easy game to learn with some surprisingly complex strategies, and the art style is delightful. The little panda playing piece is pretty durned cute!

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