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Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Tacoma City Ballet’s Haunted Theatre This Weekend!

The Haunted Theater. Sorry, TheatRE.

The Haunted Theater. Sorry, TheatRE.

This Friday evening we are dressing up and taking our wee one out for some culture; we’re going to Tacoma City Ballet‘s annual Halloween-themed event: “Haunted Theatre!”

I’ve never been, but apparently they dress their practice space up all spooky-like and have spooky dances and all sorts of Halloween awesomeness. It includes a “skeleton dance” choreographed by my pal Travis!

Skeletone Bone Dance

When it gets too hot to handle,
And you can’t eat ice cream cones,
It ain’t no sin
To jump out of your skin
And dance around in your bones!

Yes, the same Travis that choreographed this Julia Massey music video:

So it sounds like fun! You should join us!

Tacoma City Ballet Presents:
The Haunted Theatre: Backstage Tour & Eerie Dances (Tickets)
Friday, October 24th at 7 pm (we’re going to this one)
Saturday, October 25th at 3 pm
Saturday, October 25th at 5 pm
Sunday, October 26th at 1 pm
Sunday, October 26th at 3 pm
@ Tacoma City Ballet
508 6th Avenue, Tacoma, WA (map)
All-Ages $5 Cash/$6 Card

It also looks like there will be pumpkin butts!

Pumpkin Butts

There can be no ifs,
Ands, or buts.
All day long:
Pumpkin Butts!

Who WOULDN’T want to see that!?

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Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Tacoma City Ballet Spring Extravaganza Dance Preview

Tacoma City Ballet Spring Dance Extravaganza

Tacoma City Ballet Spring Dance Extravaganza

Last Friday Carrie & I went down to the Merlino Arts Center (where The Grand Cinema is) to attend Tacoma City Ballet’s Free Spring Dance Extravaganza Preview & Choreographers’ Talk.

The three choreographers involved each talked a bit about the dances they are going to present at the actual show next month, then had their dancers do some excerpts. Afterwards there was a brief Q&A. All-told it lasted just about an hour. And it was very smart, because now I actually wanna go see the full show. See, before I was kinda on the fence about it. But now there are some dances that I’m actually excited to see: Miss Erin’s whale songs dance, Joel’s slapstick 1930s hotel comedy, and Travis’s dance that he wrote the music for himself (on a cello—It was very cool to see Trav play the cello live, even though he won’t be doing that for the actual show).

Afterwards we went down to The Hub for a bunch of appetizers and beer. As we were leaving the ballet school, though, Carrie & Travis made a bet as to how long it would take for Melissa to notice that Travis was wearing socks & sandals and then yell at him for it. But it took her way longer to notice than either one of them thought, so nobody won.

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