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Friday, 20 December 2013

Ecuador Needs Some Jade for the Holidays: Let’s Make This Happen!

Ecuador or Bust!

Ecuador or Bust!

Fools Play’s very own mostly-retired Jade Fool, Taisha McFall, has had a rather grueling Fall quarter at college. But for Winter quarter she’s been accepted into a very prestigious program called “Animal Behavior and Zoology.” This is some awexome science.

But six weeks of the quarter will take place in Ecuador. Getting everything one needs to spend six weeks in Ecuador ain’t cheap.

So Taisha has created a GoFundMe campaign to help her with her substantial financial burden. EVERYONE should help her as much as possible this holiday season, whether by chipping in a few dolla-dolla-billsz or by sharing this campaign, because Taisha is awexome and works hard and is awexome. And this is the opportunity of a lifetime for her.

Read more about it all here. Let’s color Ecuador jade for the holidays!

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Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Holy Crap, ANOTHER One!


With this new album, “Barely There,” @TeezyWeezy has joined the ever-growing pool of my friends who have released albums! Jeez! So many in so short a time!

Anyway, Taisha has a priddy voice and mad skillz on da pianer, so everyone should buy this album. Plus it has a Trevor Peach cover! OMGooses! All proceeds go to help Taisha move out of the sticks and back to civilization.


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