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Wednesday, 17 July 2019

For Your Wednesday Listening Pleasure: “Float On” by The Floaters

The Floaters: "Float On"

Which one will you let take you to Love Land? Paul? It’s Paul, isn’t it?

A recent gathering of friends stumbled upon the topic of Karaoke, and one friend said that their go-to Karaoke song was “Float On.” Another friend chimed in, asking clarification of whether it was the song by Modest Mouse or The Floaters.

“‘Float On’ by The Floaters?” I asked.

She then proceeded to introduce me to this song, which I am ashamed I didn’t know about because it was a smash hit the year I was born. In it, each of the four members of The Floaters take turns introducing themselves with the following information:

  1. Their astrological sign (yes, before their name)
  2. Their name
  3. What they like in a woman

Any woman who matches the description is then invited to take the singer’s hand allow him to take her to “Love Land.” Take a listen and be pleasured:

In reality, this savvy song combines a couple of things that were in a massive surge of popularity when it was recorded: Astrology and Video/Phone Dating Profiles. It’s no wonder it became a smash hit. There’s also an extended, 11+ minute version of the song that you’re welcome to look up on your own.

Whatever happened to singing groups like this? Howcome everybody is a solo performer now? Is it the Boy Bands of 1999/2000? They killed it, didn’t they? We need another Wu-Tang is all I’m sayin’…

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