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Monday, 5 December 2016

“Of the Month” December 2016

Album Of the Month:
Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings: It’s a Holiday Soul Party

Perhaps the most accurately-named album of all time. It is a soul party. It’s got groove. From top to bottom, it is yes. Just listen to this version of “Silent Night:”

Not enough people make music like this anymore, and it’s a damned shame.

Movie of the Month:

You think you get a heart-warming holiday movie in 2016? Nopes! You get a horror movie about the consequences of giving up on generosity and the spirit of giving. *Cough.* It’s also a pretty funny movie at times, much in the spirit of a Joe Dante film. The low budget starts to be evident once the titular villain steps out of the shadows (where he is very effective) and you get a good look at him, but this is a great & fun horror comedy.

Website of the Month:
The Life You Can Save

You think you can’t afford to give? Are you reading this in your own home on a computer? In front of a fully-decorated Christmas tree? Perhaps with a flat-screen, high-definition TV in the same room? Then you can afford it. Don’t be a selfish asshole this holiday season; give to strangers who need it much more than you do. And as bad as things are likely to get in this country in the next four years, keep in mind that compared to much of the world we all might as well be eating caviar off of solid gold spoons. The great thing about The Life You Can Save is that it vets charities for you to find the most effective ones where your dollar goes the farthest and does the most possible help. Just frikkin’ do it.

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