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Thursday, 3 July 2014

The Nerdiness of Dark Comedy: Part 1

Dark Comedy

Mike Eagle is bad at sarcasm so he works in absurdity. He’s also kind of a nerd.

In honor of The Mike Eagle Show happening in Seattle tonight, I wanted to write some sorta big article about Mike and his latest album, Dark Comedy. After having listened to it about a dozen times since it was released, I realized that one my favorite things about it is all of the nerdy references he slips into his lyrics. So here are all of the nerdy references I noticed in the first six songs on the album. I prolly missed a bunch; let me know if you heard any that I didn’t. If you’ve already read Part 1, you can head straight to part 2 here:

[PART 2]

Still here? Okay, here we go… More… »

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Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Surprise “Mike Eagle Show” in Seattle This Thursday!

The Mike Eagle Show Seattle Dark Comedy Release Party!

The Mike Eagle Show Seattle Dark Comedy Release Party!

Surprise! Only a couple of days ago, Open Mike Eagle announced a new stop on his whirlwind tour, right here in Seattle! That’s right, Mike is bringing his comedy/music/variety extravaganza “The Mike Eagle Show” to the greater Pacific Northwest THIS THURSDAY, JULY 3rd!

I’m excited to go to this! It’s not gonna be just your usual concert/music show. Plus my pal Three Ninjas is in the lineup!

Don't get fooled by pretenders; there is only one Three Ninjas.

Don’t get fooled by pretenders;
there is only one Three Ninjas.

“Now wait just a gorram minute,” you’re probably thinking. “Didn’t you just say how you don’t like it when musics you love happen on a school night?”

Well, yes, that’s true. But this Thursday AIN’T NO SCHOOL NIGHT, BITCHES! Friday is the 4th of July! And Carrie & I both have it off, so Thursday night we’re gonna leave the wee beb with the grandparents and we’re both gonna head up to Seattle to see some sweet, sweet, Mike-Eagle-and-Three-Ninjas variety meat.

And you know what? YOU CAN JOIN US!

Open Mike Eagle: Now THAT is a handsome fellow.

Now THAT is a handsome fellow.

Open Mike Eagle Show at the Back Bar at the Crocodile (Facebook Event)
Thursday, July 2nd, 8:00 PM
@ The Crocodile’s Back Bar
2200 2nd Ave, Seattle, WA 98121 (map)
$10, 21+

We’ll see you there! HELLZ YEAH.

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Monday, 21 April 2014

Dark Comedy Morning Show: New from Open Mike Eagle



My pal Open Mike Eagle is gearing up to release a new album! Yusss! Hoo-Ray! It is to be called Dark Comedy, and it is most likely to be extremexly awexxxome if what I’ve heard from him lately is any indication.

He has just released a preview track from Dark Comedy, the aptly-titled “Dark Comedy Morning Show.” You can stream it here! DO IT! NOW!

Is goot, yah? Yah.

The Dark Comedy album is already available for pre-order here on iTunes:

The album doesn’t drop until June 10th, but if you really can’t wait that long you don’t have to! All you have to do is be in the Los Angeles area on May 1st and you can go see The Mike Eagle Show live at The Mint! Yes, that’s right, The Mike Eagle Show is returning, and this time it’s a “Dark Comedy Live Listening Party.” Mike is going to be performing songs from Dark Comedy, many of them live for the first time!

Mike has his own show. This is Mike's show. And you're invited!

Mike has his own show. This is Mike’s show. And you’re invited!

The Mike Eagle Show pt. II: The Dark Comedy Live Listening Party (Facebook event)
Thursday, May 1st 9:00 PM
@ The Mint L.A.
6010 Pico Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90035 (map)
ALL AGES! $8.00 – $16.00

Dark Comedy by Open Mike Eagle

Dark Comedy by Open Mike Eagle

I won’t be able to be there (’cause it’s in L.A.), BUT MAYBE YOU CAN BE!?

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