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Friday, 25 October 2013

Go See Tangentbot, Three Ninjas, & The Old Salt in Seattle!

Tangentbot, Three Ninjas, & The Old Salt LIVE!

Tangentbot, Three Ninjas, & The Old Salt LIVE! Artwork by Jamie of Modest Comics.

This is a good chance for Seattle peeps to go see some good musics. I recently saw both Three Ninjas and The Old Salt down in Olympia, and that was a good-time show. I haven’t actually seen †∆ϞǤΣƝϯßθ† live in quite a long while; he’s progressed from his older beep-boop music into a darker, more “witch-house” style. It’d be interesting to see.

The show is at The Josephine, which is a strange music venue that is basically just someone’s garage. It’s also BYOB.

Unfortunately the chance of me being able to make this show is almost surely zero, what with wee beb et al. BUT YOU SHOULDST GO!

Tangentbot, Three Ninjas & The Old Salt (Facebook Event)
Monday, November 4th 8:00 PM
The Josephine
608 NW 65th St, Seattle, WA
$5 (I think)

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Tuesday, 15 October 2013

We’ll Meet at Metronome for Marian (Barring a Beb)!

Marian Call: Good 'n' Geeky

Marian Call: Good ‘n’ Geeky at Metronome Coffee in Tacoma This Friday 10/18/13!

Carrie is crazy preggers (we’re only about two weeks out from our due date), but that’s not gonna stop us from going down to Metronome Coffee in Tacoma this Friday night to see one of our favorite musicians, Marian Call!

If’n you’re not in the know, Marian is a very lovely-voiced singer/songwriter whose songs dive definitely into the geeky. She has a whole album with songs inspired by Firefly and Battlestar Galactica. She has epic and funny songs about two nerds who fall in love but are afraid to do anything about it (“Dear Mr. Darcy“) and defiant nerd anthems (“I’ll Still be a Geek After Nobody Thinks it’s Chic“). She has appeared on stage with Wil Wheaton, Molly Lewis, The Doubleclicks, and others of major geek cred. She’s the real deal, and really talented:

She’s also from the Gig Harbor/Tacoma area, so even though she now resides in the Alaska, she tries to stop by T-town whenever she’s in the area. And we try (usually successfully) to catch her whenever she does. It’s a good time, and I’d love all my Taco Man peeps to come out and join me. And also my Seattle peeps and Oly peeps. Y’know.

Of course, there is always the chance that a wee beb might arrive and supersede all plans. But we’ll be there barring beb!

The place Marian usually plays in T-town closed down last year, though! So for the first time she’ll be playing at Metronome Coffee on the corner of 6th & Union!

Metronome's Logo

Metronome Coffee (I Just Love this Logo)

Marian Call @ Metronome Coffee (Facebook Event)
3518 6th Ave, Tacoma, WA
8:00 PM
All Ages: FREE!

But this is not the first time that we’ve enjoyed some excellent musics at Metronome, nor shall it be the last! On November 8th three of my musician friends are going to be playing there: The Old Salt, Terrapin Productions, and none other than Julia Massey & The Five Finger Discount! I’ll keep you posted on that show as it develops. We might just to go that show, too… carrying our days-old wee beb to her first live musics show!

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Thursday, 10 October 2013

Photos of The Mighty Mighty Chitons, Three Ninjas, & The Old Salt 10/8/13

Tuesday evening I went down to Oly-town to see The Mighty Might Chitons, Three Ninjas, and The Old Salt perform at Le Voyeur. I took some photos. Since it was very dark in there, many of the photos were plagued with darkness and blurry-ness. Here are the créme-de-la-créme (click for larger, you know the drill):

It was funny that two of the musical acts had plural names (The Mighty Mighty Chitons and Three Ninjas) but all of the acts were comprised of just one person. We all joked that The Old Salt should be The Old Salts.

It was unfortunately a small audience despite my pushing people to come, but man was it a good audience! The tightness of the space also helped create a certain intimacy. A special shout-out to the audience member known only as “Q” who did some excellent hype-man work for Three Ninjas. It was a fun night!

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Monday, 7 October 2013

Three Ninjas & The Old Salt at Le Voyeur Tomorrow!

Tomorrow (Tuesday) in Downtown Oly-Town, hip-hopper/country-crooner extraordinaire Three Ninjas will join Oly’s own ambient/folk/noise/lo-fi guitarist The Old Salt (aka The Periwinkle Fool of Fools Play) at Le Voyeur in order to put on a musics show!

Three Ninjas, The Old Salt, & The Mighty Chitons at Le Voyeur Tuesday, October 8th

Three Ninjas, The Old Salt, & The Mighty Chitons at Le Voyeur Tuesday, October 8th

It promises to be an eclectic and bizarre show! It also happens to be the same night as Cocktails Through a Stillsuit. And I am probably not going to go to either one, but here’s what you should do: Go to either ONE or the OTHER of them!

Three Ninjas/The Old Salt/The Mighty Mighty Chitons (Facebook event)
Tuesday, October 8th 10:00 PM
Le Voyeur
404 E 4th Ave
Olympia, WA, 98501

You know you want to go to this show...

You know you want to go to this show…

EDIT: 9:16 AM:
It looks like I probably AM going to go to this! JOIN ME!

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Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Who Will Be My Date to See Trevor Peach!?

This Friday night (September 13th) I am trekking down to Olympia to see a show at Le Voyeur!

Show Poster

Friday, 9/13 at 10:00 PM!

“Why?” you ask. Well, because of three reasons. Those three reasons are three of the performers:

  • Trevor Peach
    Who is Trevor Peach? Trevor peach is a reclusive, ultra-emo musician. He rarely plays shows; we can sometimes get him to perform a song at Fools Play’s Christmas shows. As his bio on says:

    An overly emo singer songwriter, Trevor Peach feels that Life is pretty terrible, and so he makes a lot of music. Many people have hurt him and he is too sad to defend himself.

    Trevor Peach holds a special place in my musical heart. I even did an 8-bit cover of one of his songs! Here is my version (which is much more uptempo and in a different time signature).

    Trevor Peach has recorded a handful of albums, but has never actually released any of them, so they’re hard to come by. There is actually a Trevor Peach MySpace page (if you can believe it) with a handful of songs you can listen to.

  • The Old Salt
    Who is The Old Salt? The Old Salt is a musical pseudonym of Esa Hakkarainen, Fools Play’s own Periwinkle Fool! His music is kind of experimental ambient folk noise. Kind of. This is the first song of The Old Salt’s that I heard, so take a wissen youself.

  • Frances Rose
    Who is Frances Rose? Well, Frances Rose is actually the name of a guitar. It’s a guitar that is held and played by an absolutely, stunningly gorgeous woman with an amazing voice. Seriously: breathtaking.

    She doesn’t have any albums out, but you’d best believe I’m itching for one.

So there are quite a few Fools Play connections associated with this show, which is pretty awexome. There is only one problem: I don’t have anyone to go with me! My preggers wife does not feel up to staying out that late (the show doesn’t even start until 10:00) with a full seven-month preggers belly. And my usual show-going buddy has a prior agreement. So that begs the question:


I am taking applications now! Seriously, this should be a really fun and funny show. Here is the Facebook event for it, and here is a map to Le Voyeur (it’s right on 4th Ave in downtown Olympia):

View Larger Map

I’ll see you there!

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