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Friday, 7 November 2014

Someone Let Tim & Eric do a Commercial for Totino’s, and This Happened

Pizza Chess!

Pizza Chess!

I love, love, love that we live in a world where huge corporations have decided that it is a good idea to make batshit-crazy commercials. We have the absolutely nonsensical Old Spice commercials starring Terry Crews. We have a bunch of surreal Skittles commercials. And now people are actually hiring Tim & Eric (of Tim & Eric) to make commercials for their actual products.

Last month I showed you a commercial they made with Jeff Goldblum for GE. Well, now they’ve made a commercial for Totino’s Pizza Rolls, and the results are even more bizarre and crazy. Take a wook!

So… that happened. And, honestly, I couldn’t be more thrilled. I wish more companies would step outside of the box of boring and try some batshit craziness like this.

Pizza Freaks Unite!

Pizza Freaks Unite!

One word: GLORIOUS.

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Thursday, 2 October 2014

Glorious: Tim & Eric Team with Jeff Goldblum to Make a Commercial for GE

This bulb is so easy to install you can do it while painting...

This bulb is so easy to install you can do it while painting…

This is one of the best commercials I’ve seen in quite a while, created by Tim & Eric (of “Tim & Eric” fame):

I do love how Jeff Goldblum is always down for a bit of self-deprecation. And awesome hair.

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