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Saturday, 24 January 2015

Mates of State at Tractor: Animated!

Mates of State

Mr. Mate & Mrs. State

Carrie & I went out Wednesday night and saw Mates of State live at Tractor Tavern in Seattle! Wha-what!? We went out to a show TOGETHER!? And on a SCHOOL NIGHT!?

Yup. That’s how we roll.

Is that why I am so tired?

Anyhoo, the opening act was a band called Fictionist. They were very good! They were like a guided tour through the best of 1980s music.


Real? Or Fiction?

After that was, of course, the two-person power-pop of Mates of State! And as is my habit, I made an animated .GIF outta them!

Animated Mates AND States!

Animated Mates AND States!

It was a very nice show. It was fut to go out on a weekday night with my wife and a good friend. It wasn’t so nice to have to get up and go to work the next morning. Mais, c’est la vie! No regrets.

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Monday, 16 June 2014

See Terrapin Tonight, and Meet Jesus Tomorrow

There are two music shows happening on school nights. One of them is TONIGHT (Monday)!

Terrapin Tonight!

Terrapin Tonight!

Yes, Neighbor Gary in his guise as Terrapin will be playing in Tacoma tonight! It’s at the New Frontier Lounge, which is an exceptionally awesome venue near the Tacoma Dome. It has a good retro vibe to it (it used to be a restaurant/bowling alley) and still has its old-timey signage and everything.

Burning Palms/Lozen/Terrapin (Facebook Event)
Monday, 6/16 8:00 PM
@ New Frontier Lounge
301 E 25th St, Tacoma, WA 98421
$5 21+

Then TOMORROW (Tuesday) night, you can go to rehab with Jesus himself!

Meet Jesus Tomorrow!

Meet Jesus Tomorrow!

The Jesus Rehab, Seattle’s best two-man band, will be playing at Ballard’s own Tractor Tavern.

Lee Bains III & The Glory Fires, The Jesus Rehab, Spinning Whips (Facebook Event)
Tuesday, 6/17 8:00 PM
@ Tractor Tavern
5213 Ballard Ave NW, Seattle, 98107
$8 21+

Will I see you there? I dunno! They’re both on school nights, and I’m very tired on account of having a wee beb! So we’ll see. I might go to New Frontier but probably won’t get up to Tractor.

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Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Toothy Grin presents The Hoots Hoots, Friends and Family, The Jesus Rehab, and Julia Massey + the FFD!

Cheshire Cat ain't got nuffin' on me! Julia Massey & The Jesus Rehab at the Tractor.

Cheshire Cat ain’t got nuffin’ on me!

The Month of Many Musics continues! Last Friday wee beb Avery got to listen to a bunch of ladies do a bunch of Violent Femmes covers at Cafe Racer. Then on Saturday night Carrie & I got to see one of Julia Massey’s songs (“The Story of the Earth So Far“) transformed into a ballet. I didn’t tell you about that one here, did I? I got a baby, I been busy being happy! Lay off! Here’s what it was:

Anyhoo, Thursday night (yes, another school night) there will be a pretty epic show at Tractor Tavern featuring four of the best Seattle-based bands around, including my two faves:

So, yeah, that looks pretty durned good. In addition to so many good musics, this show is also in an unusual round-robin format, where each band will play more than one small set throughout the evening.

Also, Carrie can’t go, so anybody wanna be my date? *winku*

More info:
Toothy Grin presents The Hoots Hoots, Friends and Family, The Jesus Rehab, and Julia Massey + the FFD! (Facebook event)
Thursday, February 27th 8:00 PM
@ Tractor Tavern
5213 Ballard Ave NW, Seattle
21+ $6

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Monday, 30 September 2013

Open Mike Eagle Drives the Tractor

Open Mike Eagle wants to sing to you and show you how he rocks.

Open Mike Eagle wants to sing to you and show you how he rocks.

Last Friday I trekked up to Seattle to see my pal Open Mike Eagle at the Tractor Tavern. It is a long drive, I admit, but it was completely worth it; it was one of the best sets I’d ever seen Mike do.

Open Mike Eagle on the Mic

Open Mike Eagle on the Mic

It was also fun because a bunch of my Seattle peoples also came out and saw the show, like Three Ninjas, Tangentbot, Rabbiddogg, & Creepy Sheep.

Mike even shouted me out from the stage a couple of times, which was pretty neat-o! He also did a rap song I’d never heard before that actually quotes John Linnell’s (of They Might Be Giants) song “Idaho” from his State Songs solo album. That’s pretty obscure! As soon as he started singing the lyrics, Rabbiddogg & I immediately recognized them and looked at each other in amazement. Afterwards when we were talking to Mike he was pretty impressed that we knew it as well!

So it was a great night, great to see Mike and hear his amazing rap songs live, great to hang out with great people. Just… great. And since this is me we’re talking about, I made a really not-great animated GIF of Mike doin’ his thang:

Open Mike Eagle Animated!

Open Mike Eagle Animated!

Thanks, crappy cell phone camera! Man, I really need to get a new phone. If anybody wants to get me the Google Nexus 4 for Christmas I would NOT complain.

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Thursday, 26 September 2013

See Open Mike Eagle at the Tractor Tavern Tomorrow!

Open Mike Eagle at Tractor Tavern 9/27/13

Damn, that’s a handsome man.

Hooray! My pal Open Mike Eagle is returning to Seattle, and I actually have a chance to see him perform!

He will be at the Tractor Tavern (yes, I do seem to go there quite a bit, eh?) tomorrow, Friday the 27th of September 2013. He isn’t the headliner, though; that honor goes to Buck 65, a Canadian alt-rap musician with a 20-year pedigree. Yes, there is such a thing!

I’m going to do my durnednest to be there, and Carrie is also going to try her durnednest! But as always at eight months preggers, we’ll see how she’s actually feeling come time to drive up to Seattle. See you there!

Is this blog becoming mostly just a calendar of concerts/shows for musicians I like? Maybe! Tough!

Buck 65 with Open Mike Eagle
Friday, September 27, 2013 9:30 PM
Tractor Taven
5213 Ballard Ave NW,
Seattle, WA 98107
21+ $15

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Monday, 19 August 2013

The Jesus Rehab Turns 100… Kinda

Seattle stalwart musical duo The Jesus Rehab turns 100 soon… kinda. They’re not celebrating 100 years of music, they’re celebrating 100 shows!

Their 100th live show will be at the Tractor Tavern on September 5th 2003 at 9:00 PM. Also appearing will be up-and-comers The Hoot Hoots and Poor Folks Live Well!

To celebrate this milestone, they’ve also released a new song and video! Partake and enjoy:

The Jesus Rehab – We’re A Family [Official Music Video]

More information here!

See also:

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Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Julia Massey, We Heart You!

Last Thursday night Carrie & I went up to Darrell’s Tavern in Shoreline to be a part of an extremely important evening: the Julia Massey’s Surprise 30th Birthday Party! It was thrown by her husband Jared and dozens upon dozens of people showed up with a singular message: “Julia Massey, we heart you!”

There was another surprise after the initial surprise. A whole bunch of Julia’s musical friends performed covers of her songs for her. Below is the lineup. Where possible I’ve linked to the websites or Facebook pages of the performers, and linked to Julia’s original versions of the songs for download. Enjoy:

  1. The Jesus Rehab:
    Rock duo The Jesus Rehab (Julia’s Husband Jared on guitar & his brother Dom Cortese on drums) did a rockin’ version of Light Reminder. It might have been a little bit cheating since Dom is also the FFD’s drummer.
  2. Jon Yoon:
    Mr. Yoon did a lovely acoustic version of Bottom of the Ocean.
  3. Michael Raley:
    Mr. Raley did a spoken-word performance of Good Fish.
  4. David Miner:
    Mr. Miner is the guy who mixed Julia’s latest album! He performed a saxophone-only version of Outro.
  5. Bob and Sheldon:
    Bob and Sheldon are a very talented duo who specialize in covers. They performed at Julia & Jared’s wedding! They did two songs from Julia’s first album: Try to Convince You and Dancing in the Kitchen.
  6. Yevtushenko:
    I first saw Yevtushenko the week prior when they opened the Five Letters From Far Away CD Release Party. They’re a 4-person rock group headed by singer Amber Shine. She and her guitarist performed Aghadoe.
  7. Andy Kingham:
    Mr. Kingham has quite a history with Julia and Jared; he used to play bass for both of them! He rocked out two songs: Bullfrog and Salty Schemes.
  8. Robb Benson:
    Seattle music mainstay and all-around rockin’ good guy performed a really heart-felt version of Here Is a Stone Wall.
  9. Christa Fisher:
    Ms. Fisher heads the group Christa Says Yay! She has a gorgeous voice and absolutely belted out an amazing version of Someday, Our Bodies Are Gone.
  10. Safeword Sasquatch:
    Safeword Sasquatch is sometimes also known as DVoD. They’re headed by the duo of Eric Weber on guitar, and Liz Mayer on cello and ukulele. They did #712 and bridged it to Spaceships, then did a great version of Don’t Worry ‘Bout Us where the piano parts and much of the bass solos of the original song were done on electric guitar.
  11. Terrapin, AKA Gary Lappier with Katie Stricker:
    Gary did an extremely spaced-out version of Skatepark with his lovely fianceé Katie doing backing vocals. It was cool because it was so way different than the original version. This was Carrie’s favorite performance of the night.
  12. The Crazy Boy Floyds:
    Geoff & I programmed an absolutely batsh*t crazy version of Yeah, which Geoff sung while I activated an animated band on a laptop screen. Sorry we only have a MySpace page to link to, but we haven’t actually done anything for a few years.
  13. Three Ninjas:
    Threeni did a very cool electronic version of Honeycombs.
  14. Katie Larson & Jill Cimino with Jared Cortese:
    These two girls did a version of Brains & Bubbles (which is a very funny song that isn’t available on any album) with Jared backing them on Guitar.
  15. Red Heart Alarm:
    Catacombs and then did an absolutely scorching, country-tinged version of Soaked Through Matches. Red Heart Alarm was very impressive and super polished; it sounded like they’d been playing these songs for years, and they killed Soaked Through Matches so hard that they made it sound like it was their song.

It was a pretty amazing night. It was humbling to see how grateful Julia was for everyone who showed up, and it was an honor to be involved in it (even as little as I was).

I didn’t take any photos because (A) my camera phone is crappy and (B) I was too busy having a good time and enjoying the night to worry about taking photos. Luckily, another blogger took plenty: LiveSeattleMusicInTheClubs (who didn’t even know Julia; just happened to be there when it all went down) blogged all about the whole night, even the parts after Carrie & I had to leave (which was right after the tribute part). So check that out as well.

Geoff recorded audio for the whole tribute, but I don’t know when or in what capacity that’ll be available to me. I’d love it if he would record a studio version of our Yeah. Hint-hint, Geoff.

If you would like to get in on the Julia-loving action, she and the FFD are playing a show tomorrow (Thursday) night at the Tractor in Ballard! We will be there. So can you!

Anyway, happy birfday, Julia! We love you! You deserve it.

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