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Friday, 1 June 2012

“Of the Month” June 2012

Link of the Month:
Dinosaur Dracula Dinosaur Dracula
Back around the turn of the century, before feed readers were much of anything, in those heady, first-ten-years-of-the-world-wide-web drunkenness, one of my all-time favorite websites was X-Entertainment, by Matt. In fact, it was X-E that inspired me to start Well, after more than 12 years Matt has decided to call it quits on X-E… and start a new website called Dinosaur Dracula. It launched late last night! It promises to be a leaner, more agile sequel of sorts to X-E, full of hilarious pop culture articles. I am very excited.

Album of the Month:
Marian Call: Something Fierce
Marian Call is my favorite geeky & jazzy vocalist. This is a major release, a two-disc, 19-song album that explores an enjoyably large scope of music. Her songs range from fun and slightly silly (“The Avocado Song”) to beautifully wistful (the epic “Anchorage”). Her performance is bright and lively, really capturing the spirit of her live performances, and her voice as always has a lovely burr to it that I just find absolutely charming. Her lyrics are smart and self-aware, and the production is polished and professional. Just listen to “Good Morning Moon” and try not to get it stuck in your head. This is an irresistible album.

Movie of the Month:
Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol
This is my second-favorite M:I movie (after DePalma’s brilliantly stylish original), directed by heretofore animation director Brad Bird. Coming from animation gives Bird’s action sequences a wonderful sense of space; you always know where everything is in relation to everything else (unless it’s important that you don’t), and action through-lines are clear and exciting. Each action sequence tells a story; it’s not just a bunch of quick cuts and crazy camera moves to generate artificial excitement. M:I-GP was my very first Vidreoview! You can go read it now.

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