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  • Ghost World (2001): ****

    Directed by Terry Zwigoff

    This is the only movie so far in the year 2001 to earn Four Stars in my book. It is my favorite movie so far this year and it is doubtful that any other movie will surpass it. It is simply a great movie.

    It's good because it is so uncompromising with its characters and its tone. Everything works: the characters, the "story", the locations. It all works. It avoids falling into any schmaltz. All the emotions the movie feels (and hoo-boy, there area a lot) are truly, truly honest. And so is its humor (although some stuff may be a little "out there" for a truly realistic film. This film does have some really good parody stuff in it, especially all the art class stuff).

    Oh! Almost forgot: It's way different than the comic it's based on. But that's okay, and you don't have to have read the comic to enjoy the movie.

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