About Me


Last updated 10/4/18 


My name is Christopher Grant Harris. I was born on May 6, 1977 in Renton, Washington, USA. I didn’t cry when I was born. I came out of my mamma and just kinda looked around.

My first word was “Bird.” I said it while pointing at a bird flying overhead. It had a double meaning, though, as I pointed at the bird with my middle finger, giving the bird “the bird.”

I went to Montessori school up until 6th grade, to which I credit most of my success (parents! Go Montessori for your kids! Trust me!). I then went to a tiny middle school (with a class of only 7 kids when I was in ninth grade).

I went to Eastside Catholic High School for three years until graduating 18th in my class in 1995. No, I’m not Catholic, and neither is anyone in my family. The school had great English and Art departments (although it’s science department was DOG CRAP). I then went four years at Western Washington University, where I got a BA in Fine Arts: Graphic Design/Illustration.

In the Spring of 2005 I was hospitalized for severe intestinal problems. Eventually my entire lower intestines (aka large intestines, colon, and bowel) had to be removed via major surgery. I lived with a piece of my small intestine sticking out through my belly (covered by an ostemy bag) for three months. Then after another surgey my small intestines were pushed back inside my belly where they belong and I no longer had to wear the bag, although I am still without my lower intestines, with no real side effects to speak of. Click here for more information about this really fascinating procedure.

I now live a completely normal life in a gorgeous little house in Tacoma, do internet stuff for a living, write a blog, compose music, perform improv, make arts and crafts, watch movies, play a video game here and there, and have a generally wonderful time with my wife, my daughter, my dog, and my kitty.



I have my fingers in a lot of pots. I’m what you might call a “creative” person in that I’m always creating something or other. For a more complete look at my various projects, please visit my projects page.


I enjoy things!


If you think I’m just about the most awesome person whose crappy autobiography you’ve ever read, you should not feel at all bad about getting me a present. To that end, here is my amazon.com wishlist. Get me something good, a’ight?