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Friday, 3 April 2015

Photos from Grit City Grindhouse of Kye Alfred Hillig & Julia Massey

Did you miss last night's music show in Tacoma? FOR SHAME!

Did you miss last night’s music show in Tacoma? FOR SHAME!

‘Twas a great music show last night in Tacoma at Grit City Grindhouse! I’d never been there before, and it turns out to be a very cool venue. It’s kind of a warehouse space behind a skate shop. There’s a li’l skate pipe/ramp off to one side in there (a quarter-pipe maybe?) and everything! It was an all-ages show and kids under 10 got in free, so it turned out there were about half-a-dozen kids running around and going crazy in front of the stage for much of the show. It was like a mosh pit for kids. A moppet mosh pit?

There were three music acts. The first one was Pete Jordan and two other members of Cloud Person. The be-bearded Mr. Jordan sounded a bit like a cross between Mike Doughty and folky sea shanties. Sorry I didn’t snap any photos of them, but it was mostly because I was enjoying the music and also because I was distracted by the junior mosh pit in front of me.

Next was Kye Alfred Hillig, who mostly did depressingly-lyric’d, folky, guy-with-acoustic-guitar stuff. But his lyrics were intelligent and very clever and sometimes rather funny. One of my favorite lines was, “My young love was as blind as Ray Charles.” Mr. Hillig also had absolutely excellent between-song banter going on, where he would make an assertive declaration and then immediately say that it was a complete lie. He also made some jokes about how his songs weren’t really kid-friendly. Very funny, and a nice contrast to the mostly-depressing content of the songs.

Wait... you mean that song wasn't about Clifford the Big Red Dog!?

Wait… you mean that song wasn’t about Clifford the Big Red Dog!?

Third was Julia Massey & half of the Five Finger Discount (only Dom on drums). The FFD is in-between bass players right now. Geoff left toward the beginning of 2015 and they have a new one, but they haven’t played live with him yet. He wasn’t there because he was on a cruise or something lame like that. Pfffft, excuses. Anyway, Julia + Dom is still a great show, and they played TWO songs Carrie & I had never heard before, both of which were excellent.

And, as is my nature, I made an animated .GIF of them for us all to enjoy:

And check out that great lighting!

This is one of the better animated .GIFs I’ve made. And check out that great lighting!

So in conclusion: Good show. And it started at 7:00 so it was pretty much wrapping up by 9:00, which was great for a couple of old people who have a baby and need to get up the next day to go to work.

Another conclusion: Good venue. It’s nice to know there is another place in Tacoma where good musics can happen now. Although I’m not entirely sure why there is a painting of Marvel Comics interdimensional supervillain Shuma-Gorath on one of the walls…



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