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Friday, 15 June 2012

Kitty Fantastico “Fuzzy Bean” Harris

Anybody who has been over to our home in the past 11 years will be sad to hear this, but Kitty Fantastico “Fuzzy Bean” Harris has passed away.


By all rights she should have died two-and-a-half years ago when she suffered massive kidney failure, so these past couple of years have been bonus time for which I am unbelievably grateful. Three times a week since January 2009 Carrie & I stuck a needle into the back of her neck and held her down as subcutaneous fluids drained into her in order to keep her healthy. And every single moment was worth it.

Fantastico was my first “complete” person. All of the other cats I’ve lived with either were older than I was so that I didn’t know them when they were kittens, or I moved out of the house between when we got them and when they died. We got Fantastico as a tiny baby (she could fit in Carrie’s shoe) when she was left in a box outside the Tacoma Goodwill. We raised her, trained her, took care of her, loved her, and were with her for her whole life, including when she died.

Though we are incredibly sad (and this has been kind of a shitty year), I am gratified to know first-hand that Fantastico had a good life and was a happy cat (though she was always a little miffed at us for bringing Suki home). Wherever I look in this house I see her, in every single nook, cranny, and corner: sitting on heaters and stealing all of their heat, waiting in the office window for us to get home (known in these instances as “Window Bean”), sleeping on the back of my office chair while I was on the computer, rubbing her face on Carrie’s hair brush (weird, but see the video below), climbing shelves and mantles in order to eat flowers that I brought home for Carrie, hissing at guests and then examining their purses and rubbing on their shoes, “helping” with laundry by burrowing into it, and always running out into the dining room and rolling over for me whenever I got home.

I will let this gallery of photos and videos serve as her memorial. Enjoy! We certainly enjoyed having her. She was a good kitty.

I will be taking about a week-long break from posting here.

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Thursday, 10 March 2011

Fantastico’s Sneak Attack!

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Monday, 4 May 2009

We Have Cute Pets

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Thursday, 12 March 2009

Pet Pictures! Pet Pictures! Come on Down!

I found these photos on my digital camera when I was digging around in it. I thought they were pretty cute, and therefore WORTHY OF BEING SHARED:

cimg1855-1Here is the Suki on the bed.

cimg1857-1In this photo, Fantastico can be heard saying, “That thing is too close to me! I’m outta here.”

cimg1873-1Fantastico has a good, old-fashioned stare contest with a cat on the porch railing.

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