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Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Three Ninjas Rocked the Hizzouse, Yo

So, yeah, this happened last Wednesday and I’m only now getting around to writing a post about it. But last Wednesday I went with Carrie and Laura up to Studio 7 in SoDo to see my pal Three Ninjas (Website, MySpace) perform his very first-ever live show.

I’d heard a lot of bad things about the venue, but honestly it was a pretty typical, dive-y Seattle venue. Cosmetically not much worse than Neumos, just in a much, much worse location. There were many of our palz there, including (using their Twitter names) gendlec, tangentbot & HeartFeltRobots, toraton & whimsi, and jayseman. Also my brother, but he doesn’t Tweet. Three Ninjas went on third of eight total act. We arrived at Studio 7 in time to miss the 1st performer (a woman, I’m told). Carrie, Laura, and I staked out a position on the front of the balcony (where the bar was located) in time for the 2nd band, which HeartFeltRobots joked should have been called “Midlife Crisis.” Agreed.

Three Ninjas was up next, but he didn’t perform alone. NOPE! @rabbiddogg went up and played bass for him! Honsetly, I did not know what to expect from a live Three Ninjas show. His music, which I love dearly, is not necessarily what you’d call “accessible” at all times. But he had a good, simple musical setup, which included a MacBook and an MPD32. The show turned out to be an absolute hoot and/or laugh riot in a good way. I was surprised and delighted that he actually performed “Beluga Calf.” Not only did he perform “Beluga Calf,” but he performed several different versions of “Beluga Calf” in a row, including the hip-hop and holiday versions.

He also performed his brand-new, never-before-heard song “Going Gay for House” about House M.D. That song eventually evolved into the Eurythmics’ “Sweet Dreams (Are Made of this),” except they sang, “Sweet Dreams Are House M.D.”

We all thoroughly enjoyed the show AND ourselves. HeartFeltRobots recorded the whole thing on video, so I’m gonna hafta see what I can do about getting a copy of that from her. I drove Carrie & Laura back to Tacoma after hanging out for a few minutes after the show.

As a post-script, on Friday we were hanging out with Laura again and she was talking about how her job was very boring. As she was leaving our house she said, “Well, if my job gets too boring and starts to make me sad, I’ll just think about Beluga Calf.” Then she turned and walked away, into legend and into all of our hearts. Or she walked away into her car instead of those last two things.

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