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Monday, 2 August 2010

“Of the Month” August 2010

Link of the Month:
Link of the MonthSin Titulo
Sin Titulo (“Without Title”) is a very absorbing and fascinating urban fantasy/horror webcomic by Cameron Stewart. Started in 1997, it is now over 100 pages long, and has still only scratched the surface of its central mystery. Don’t believe me that it’s worth reading? Well, it just won an incredibly prestigious Eisner Award for “Best Digital Comic 2010.” Read it from the beginning; it is very rewarding.

Album of the Month:
Album of the Month Locust Street Taxi – Mr. Brown
This latest release from Locust Street Taxi is by far their most polished album. The production values are fantastic but not in a way that draws attention to itself. Still at the forefront are the jazz/swing/pop/ska rhythms, the flashy brass, and the quirky and often funny lyrics though which Locust Street Taxi has garnered quite a bit of a following. Standout tracks on the album include (but are not limited to) “Stuff,” “Mango,” and “Get Back Home.”

DVD of the Month:
DVD of the Month Look Around You: Season 1
My all-time favorite parody of late-1970s and early-1980s British educational films and school programs. It succeeds because it strikes the perfect balance of being extremely accurate to its influences (right down to the horrible synthesizer music and authentic-looking film stock) as well as being absolute nonsense. I absolutely adore it. This is parody done 100% correctly.

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