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Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Madeleine Easton Wants You to Kiss the Girl

Look at her, you know you do...

Look at her, you know you do…

As promised, Madeleine Easton has steadily been releasing more songs. This was the song that got me hooked on her. I am so happy she has recorded it for us all:

Kiss The Girl by Madeleine Easton

Ugh. It’s sooooo pretty!

She also has another Disney song, a gorgeous a capella version of “So This is Love” from Cinderella:

So, This Is Love by Madeleine Easton

We played these (and a couple other songs of hers) to baby Avery first thing in the morning. She seemed to like them. Enjoy! I do.

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Tuesday, 5 November 2013

At Long Last: Madeleine Easton Releases Some Songs!

Madeleine Easton: Golden-Voiced Goddess

Madeleine Easton: Golden-Voiced Goddess

At long last, one of my favorite guitarist/singers sat down and recorded some of her songs and put them on Bandcamp to enjoy. Madeleine Easton is a gorgeous, golden-voiced goddess. I was first hooked when I heard her sing her rendition of “Kiss the Girl” from The Little Mermaid at her dining room table. She is amazing to see live, and I’m very excited that she has released these two cover songs:

She’s planning on releasing more songs soon, but for now Partake and Enjoy!

For more info:
Madeleine Easton’s facebook page

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Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Who Will Be My Date to See Trevor Peach!?

This Friday night (September 13th) I am trekking down to Olympia to see a show at Le Voyeur!

Show Poster

Friday, 9/13 at 10:00 PM!

“Why?” you ask. Well, because of three reasons. Those three reasons are three of the performers:

  • Trevor Peach
    Who is Trevor Peach? Trevor peach is a reclusive, ultra-emo musician. He rarely plays shows; we can sometimes get him to perform a song at Fools Play’s Christmas shows. As his bio on says:

    An overly emo singer songwriter, Trevor Peach feels that Life is pretty terrible, and so he makes a lot of music. Many people have hurt him and he is too sad to defend himself.

    Trevor Peach holds a special place in my musical heart. I even did an 8-bit cover of one of his songs! Here is my version (which is much more uptempo and in a different time signature).

    Trevor Peach has recorded a handful of albums, but has never actually released any of them, so they’re hard to come by. There is actually a Trevor Peach MySpace page (if you can believe it) with a handful of songs you can listen to.

  • The Old Salt
    Who is The Old Salt? The Old Salt is a musical pseudonym of Esa Hakkarainen, Fools Play’s own Periwinkle Fool! His music is kind of experimental ambient folk noise. Kind of. This is the first song of The Old Salt’s that I heard, so take a wissen youself.

  • Frances Rose
    Who is Frances Rose? Well, Frances Rose is actually the name of a guitar. It’s a guitar that is held and played by an absolutely, stunningly gorgeous woman with an amazing voice. Seriously: breathtaking.

    She doesn’t have any albums out, but you’d best believe I’m itching for one.

So there are quite a few Fools Play connections associated with this show, which is pretty awexome. There is only one problem: I don’t have anyone to go with me! My preggers wife does not feel up to staying out that late (the show doesn’t even start until 10:00) with a full seven-month preggers belly. And my usual show-going buddy has a prior agreement. So that begs the question:


I am taking applications now! Seriously, this should be a really fun and funny show. Here is the Facebook event for it, and here is a map to Le Voyeur (it’s right on 4th Ave in downtown Olympia):

View Larger Map

I’ll see you there!

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