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Monday, 24 August 2009

The Putting Zoo

On Friday my wife and I took our niece and met up with my brother and his girlfriend at Putting Zoo in Puyallup for some miniature golf.

This place is AWEXOME!

puttingzoo1 1

puttingzoo2 1

They have two courses, a “Water Course” and an “Obstacle Course.” The water course is by far the more fun of the two, so if you only have time or money for one then I recommend that one.

This place is a real miniature golf course. They even have a frikkin’ windmill for Christmas sake. They also have coolest single hole I’ve ever seen in a miniature golf course. It’s on the water side. You’ll know it when you get to it.

Putting Zoo is almost as awexome as Magic Carpet Golf in Tucson, AZ. It is in a bit better condition than Magic Carpet was. Putting Zoo was also being slightly remodeled and touched up here and there, which I think might be a mostly-permanent condition. But it didn’t detract from the ambience, and neither did being right next to the freeway—you hardly even noticed!

Plus there were about a dozen adorable little cats running all over the place, and the most spectacular thing happened. There is a course where you hit the ball and it goes up this little ramp and is very likely to catch some air. Well, my brother’s girlfriend sent the ball up this ramp and as it flew into the air one of the cats darted out of the shrubbery next to the course and intercepted the ball! It was astonishing.

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