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Friday, 1 June 2012

“Of the Month” June 2012

Link of the Month:
Dinosaur Dracula Dinosaur Dracula
Back around the turn of the century, before feed readers were much of anything, in those heady, first-ten-years-of-the-world-wide-web drunkenness, one of my all-time favorite websites was X-Entertainment, by Matt. In fact, it was X-E that inspired me to start Well, after more than 12 years Matt has decided to call it quits on X-E… and start a new website called Dinosaur Dracula. It launched late last night! It promises to be a leaner, more agile sequel of sorts to X-E, full of hilarious pop culture articles. I am very excited.

Album of the Month:
Marian Call: Something Fierce
Marian Call is my favorite geeky & jazzy vocalist. This is a major release, a two-disc, 19-song album that explores an enjoyably large scope of music. Her songs range from fun and slightly silly (“The Avocado Song”) to beautifully wistful (the epic “Anchorage”). Her performance is bright and lively, really capturing the spirit of her live performances, and her voice as always has a lovely burr to it that I just find absolutely charming. Her lyrics are smart and self-aware, and the production is polished and professional. Just listen to “Good Morning Moon” and try not to get it stuck in your head. This is an irresistible album.

Movie of the Month:
Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol
This is my second-favorite M:I movie (after DePalma’s brilliantly stylish original), directed by heretofore animation director Brad Bird. Coming from animation gives Bird’s action sequences a wonderful sense of space; you always know where everything is in relation to everything else (unless it’s important that you don’t), and action through-lines are clear and exciting. Each action sequence tells a story; it’s not just a bunch of quick cuts and crazy camera moves to generate artificial excitement. M:I-GP was my very first Vidreoview! You can go read it now.

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Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Vidreoviews – Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol

Hello! And welcome to my first-ever installment in my new “Vidreoviews” feature here on I think once a week I’m going to do a round-up of (very) quick reviews of all the movies that I saw on DVD/Blu-Ray/OnDemand/Netflix/Streaming. Probably not stuff that was edited for TV and had commercials spliced in.

For my first installment: Mission:Impossible – Ghost Protocol. I liked it quite a bit. Brad Bird (of Iron Giant and The Incredibles fame) is a nimble, exciting director. The action sequences are tense and (most importantly) crystal-clear; you can tell exactly where everything is in relationship to everything else at all times. Excitement isn’t artificially generated by quick cuts and crazy angles. The excitement is inherent in the action, and the camera only serves to enhance the experience, not make it confusing and disjointed. There are some great spy-movie twists to the script (especially some revelations involving Jeremy Renner’s character). There were a couple of instances, though, where it seemed beyond suspension-of-disbelief levels that nobody saw what the M:I team were doing in public spaces. Seriously, there were NOBODY behind ANY of those windows that Hunt climbs past? And NOBODY in the ENTIRE CITY OF DUBAI was looking at that building during the several minutes that he was out there? And especially when broken glass (among other things) started falling? And there were no security guards, customers, or even random pedestrian observers at the automated parking garage? Stretching it quite a bit, folks. Still, quibbles. It’s a great movie, and my favorite M:I other than Brian DePalma’s original.

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Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Memorial Day Weekend 2012

A Three-Day Weekend!

Much of Saturday needed to be spent doing yardwork, seeing as how the yard was getting a li’l bit outta control:

Before (Left) & After (Right)

Before (Left) & After (Right)

It’s coming along much better now, though! Soon it will actually be a nice place in which to hang out.

My front yard, however, I think is just a lost cause. It’s so, so, so gross. Just take a look at this:




Anyway, there were also a couple of barbecues to attend. One on Saturday afternoon, which I had to leave early to go down to Fools Play and perform a very fun show that was attended also by the Yellow Fool, in which we all got to play a bunch of our recurring characters. I always enjoy Character Nights at Fools Play.

Carrie and a couple friends, meanwhile, left the barbecue and headed down to Wingman Brewers, which is a young local brewery that just opened a tiny taproom in Tacoma near the Dome. They were having a really cool “Made In Tacoma” event where they invited some other local businesses down and had a little fair of a sort: Madrona Coffee (Wingman has a beer with this coffee in it), 21 Cellars winery, Barrel No.51 BBQ Truck, and Backcountry Creamery cheeses. Much fun was had.

The next barbecue involved the setting up of a net for the playing of the Two-Sticks, the best possible net game ever:

Two-Sticks Net

Two-Sticks Net Ready to Go! (No, that's not my backyard)

Monday was my real day off; no plans at all (except for a couple of quick chores and a trip to Trader Joe’s). So it was supposed to be my day to do all sorts of creative stuff: blog, write, compose chiptunes, etc. And it all fizzled. I was completely uninspired, and everything I started just seemed like dreck to me. Bleah. So instead of getting anything important done I went to a Red Box and rented Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol, which is really excellent.

I think I’m going to start a new series on this website where I quickly review movies that I see at home (DVD, OnDemand, Streaming, etc.). It won’t be its own section like my Movie Reviews; it’ll just be it’s own Category like my Great Ideas on the Internets Category. I just can’t figure out what to call it; I want it to be some horrible pun that somehow combines the idea of reviewing movies I’ve only seen on video/DVD/Streaming in my own home. Something awful like “Vidreoviews.” Hold on… there, I just did a Google Search for Vidreoviews and it didn’t come up with anything! IT’S MINE NOW, SUCKAS! BAM!

Ahem. Anyhoo, watch for my M:I-GP Vidreoview later this week.

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