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Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Mid-March Snow

Western Washington freaked out a little today because some snow fell in mid-March. It is funny. Don’t people remember that the last two years in a row it snowed in late April? Also, it was well above freezing (at least in my neck of the woods) all day and is expected to stay that way, so it isn’t like this is going to stick around for long.

But still, it is pretty. And there were some impressive, quarter-sized flakes. I filmed this through the front window of my work at about 9:30 this morning:

Now next time it snows I want everybody just to take a deep breath and relax. Don’t act like you’ve never seen it snow before. Y’know, be careful out there (of course), but I don’t want three out of every four Facebook status updates to be snow freak-outs.

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Friday, 20 January 2012

I Come From the Land of the Ice and Snow

Here are all the photos I took of the half-inch ice coating that was on… everything yesterday and this morning.

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Thursday, 19 January 2012

This Is New For Me

So the snow is still here, but it’s developed a new trick: the top layer of the snow has melted, fused, and then re-frozen, forming an incredibly thick crust of ice on top of the seven inches of snow.

In places this crust is up to a full inch thick


In a few spots it is actually thick enough to support my weight so that I am actually standing on TOP of the snow.


This is a new experience for me.

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Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Seven Inches



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Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Snow in Downtown T-town.

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Wednesday, 29 December 2010

My Snow-Covered Car

I wasn’t expecting this when I woke up this morning! A full inch of snow is all up on Tacoma. Makes my neighborhood super pretty. If only it had done this on Christmas instead of four days later…

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Sunday, 21 November 2010

snowing right now!

1st snow of the season

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