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Monday, 6 April 2009

Weekend Awexomeness

So on Friday Carrie & I got our taxes done. We stumbled haphazardly onto a completely awesome accountant who not only cost only $87, but for the first time since we got Married we’re going to get a refund. Suh-weet! Anyway, apologies to all of my clients for not getting much work done last week, but tax prep took a lot of time.

Then over the course of the rest of the weekend I made the most awexomest thing EVAR. I can’t show it to you until it debuts at Fools Play this weekend. But after that you’ll never hear the end of its awexomeness.

SPEAKING of Fools Play, this up-coming weekend is our new Easter format, Fools Play Egg Hunt. And what happens every Easter show? That’s right—my annual Peep Show.

You KNOW you don’t wanna miss that.

The last night (Sunday) we went out for Masa happy hour to celebrate a birfday (not either of ours). Masa has good happy hour stuffs, although if you’re gonna get nachos I recommend getting the regular (huge) nachos.

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Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Taxtime Cometh

Carrie & I are getting our taxes done this Friday. Ugh. I miss the days when doing taxes took about 37 seconds. Now I’m married, filing jointly, homeowner, W-2 wage earner, with side-business income and expenses, plus Carrie has her own W-2 and her own side business income and expenses. It gets a li’l complicated. I have a bucket (not literally) full of receipts to go through.

Anyhoo, no April Fools Day joke on this site for me. I’ll post the April “Of the Month” stuff later this afternoon.

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