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Friday, 8 September 2017

“Of the Month” September 2017

Show of the Month

The Tick

I’m surprised at just how well the Tick always seems to work. There have been 4 iterations of the character and premise and they’ve all been great (though later comics that weren’t written by Ben Edlund didn’t quite grab the mustard as mightily as they might’ve). This latest version on Amazon Prime has much of the same absurdity and humor as the other versions (see: Very Large Man), and Peter Serafinowicz’s performance in the blue suit is full of the blind, enthusiastic gusto that you expect from the Tick. But this is the first version where there is actually deep, psychological development of some of the more “regular” characters, especially Arthur. For the first time these characters aren’t just send-ups of superhero tropes (though they are still that), but they’re actually fully-developed characters that have real lives. I’m also very surprised that Edlund decided to go for a much more mature-rated program: there is lots and lots of realistic blood and quite a but of foul language. But somehow the contrast between the Tick himself and this more-realistic world makes the character even more himself. Also: I <3 Dangerboat.

Link of the Month

I Went Gaming

A pair of people, the Lundy brothers, who make video games. They’re in the midst of a “game a month” spree throughout 2017 (though they’re a month behind). Are the games any “good?” It’s… hard to say, but the appeal lies in their absurd and funny themes and aesthetics. All the art is hand-drawn by Laramie Lundy (the Olive Fool of Fools Play Improv) in his signature disturbing style (he’s one of the artists behind The Abyss art book that came out last year). There’s a menu-based street fighter game, a punk Guinea pig racing game, a door-to-door knife salesman game, a game about joining a cult, and the like. They’re completely unpolished and rough, but there’s something irresistible (for a few minutes at least) about the worlds that they create.

Podcast of the Month

The Official Steven Universe Podcast

This podcast, all about the best TV show on the air right now, is actually recorded at the Cartoon Network offices and hosted by an intern there. As such, it has unprecedented access to all the people involved in the show; they mostly work literally just outside the room where this is recorded. It’s full of amazing insight and anecdotes and behind-the-scenes work about making the amazing Steven Universe.

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