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Tuesday, 3 June 2014

A Summer of Movies & Musics

Photo by Emdot

Photo by Emdot. Some rights reserved.

There are SO many movies coming out in 2014 that I really wanna see in the theater. Way more than in 2013. I’ve already seen a whole bunch as evidenced by my review output in the past couple of months. And I’m already three whole reviews behind! And I’m gonna go see another movie (Captain America: The Winter Soldier) on Wednesday night! YIKES!

Here’s just a brief list:

  • The Lego Movie
  • Under the Skin
  • The Amazing Spider-Man 2
  • Maleficent
  • Edge of Tomorrow
  • Guardians of the Galaxy
  • Trust Me
  • Jupiter Ascending
  • Lucy
  • Sin City: A Dame to Kill For
  • Snowpiercer
  • Let’s Be Cops

This also looks to be an excellent Summer for live musics, with shows coming up from a bunches of excellenté musicians. Here is just a brief list:

I’ll have more info on these shows as their dates approach. Just as I’ll have more info on these movies after I see and review them.

Oh, also, I just got Mario Kart 8.

So, yeah, this website is probably gonna be nothing but musics, movies, and Mario for the next three months. Enjoy!

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Monday, 19 May 2014

Julia Massey & The West at Columbia City Theater

Musical Ladies: The West and JMass!

Musical Ladies: The West and JM+FFD!

On Friday evening Carrie & I left the wee beb with the Grandparents and jetted on up to Seattle’s Columbia City Theater to see our friends do some of the rock and roll. And I took photos!

We arrived late enough that we only got to hear a couple of songs from the opening band, Bandolier, so apologies to them but I didn’t hear enough to really give them a fair review. Sounded good, though. You can listen to their musics on the Bandcamp.

Up next was The West. I’d only vaguely known of their existence prior to this. I think I saw their name on various show flyers around Seattle and on some Facebook events. But I knew nothing about them.

Turns out they are a very talented pop/rock/disco/dance quintet: guitar, bass, drums, and two keyboards (including a very cool Korg) and two vocalists, a husband-and-wife team (who are also the two keyboardists). Adrienne (pictured at the top left of this post), had a super-engaging stage presence and spent the whole set rockin’ out with her punkish outfit and fiery mop of red hair. They put on a very enjoyable show, so Carrie & I were really happy we got there in time to see them.

Plus, I made an animated GIF of them! Look at them go:

The West Animated GIF

The West: The Animated GIF!

Speaking of stage presence, Julia Massey was up next. Their set included the song they wrote for my baby daughter! Squee! I got some pretty good photos of them individually:

Julia Massey!

Julia Massey!

Geoff B. Gibbs!

Geoff B. Gibbs!

Dom "The Nizzle" Cortese!

Dom “The Nizzle” Cortese!

I tried to make an animated GIF out of Julia, but the series of photos I took were just too wobbly and it came out all crazy. So instead I made an Instagram video of Geoff playing the bass. My cameraphone couldn’t handle the volume of the music, so it sounds pretty crazy, but just look at Geoff’s hands go:

One of Julia’s songs was also filmed for some sort of video, so there’s a really good chance that Carrie I will be in it! I’ll keep you posted on that as I learn more myself.

At the end of the night I purchased The West’s album In Low Light on CD and showed the animated GIF to Adrienne. I posted it on their Facebook page when we got home, and they seemed pretty impressed:

Hooray! I’m SOMEONE!

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