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Free Translation:
Leave Entertainment
the Never Stop!

Hello! it is that the vacation to season, and celebrate here to the thisischris com, I thought it ’d is funny to do something a different small one. I to go m to say you all of this small funny thing that is a good manner to waste the time while you await, look at forward with some dreads to the désappointement that dazzles that will await you under although the tree god abandoned masks itself as the symbol of your supposed joy.

Only kidding. I like some does the vacation. I can the expectation of t to receive my own house if I can do it it most of the houses crazily decorated see in the entire neighborhood. I will go nuts that decorate my house for Christmas. The decorations more animated the better. If that if? There is more than a Santa impersonators to the various galleries bargain over towards the country, the right? If I'S will has an entire flock of Santa impersonators on my lawn!

When even, you could have been able to guess that this small funny thing is that I talked about in the first paragraph before I have continued a tangential one of Santa impersonator false the animated decorations. That the right of s, it the s the comedy that never finishes that only can be provoked while abusing liberal the big service www free. freetranslation. the com. I swear to you, is not natural the quantity of recreation that to do that this brings in my life. It is bad to be a grown and small man calm nervous laugh violently to the mangling of my natal language? If it the wrong of s, then to condemn it, I put the need of t to have reason!

If you want to have so entertainment, it is easy! All must do you the are discovered a piece in normal appearance of prose. Poetry works, also. I chose the paragraph that opens of my 12/01/02 updated thisischris com. Then to copy it, go to www. freetranslation. the com, and to stick it in the translation can:

Then choose your foreign language! For this item I chose French, because it is the language that I am most of the familiar one with.

Then your passage will be translated in dissonant glorious French! Now copy this entire translation and stick it supports in the translation can:

Now to translate it back of French in English, and look at the results of wacky:



Okay, here's that car story I promised you last time: A long while ago the windshild wipers on my car broke. They would only work at the highest speed, and then only for like 15 minutes at a time or so, at which point they would suddenly turn into super-slow-motion windshield wipers. Not exactly safe. This was okay, though, because Washington has been having like the dryest fall EVER. There's been like a 16th of an inch of rain in the past three months. But it's finally getting into the rainy season, so I needed working windshield wipers.


Approve, here this car history I promised last you time: enough a long time there is the windshield wiper of windshild on my car broke. They travailleraient only to the quick one, and then only for liked 15 minutes HAS THE TIME more or less, to that indicates they would turn sudden in super-ralentit-l'essuie-glace of movement. Not exactly sure. This was good, nevertheless, because Washington had as the fall drier NEVER. There is been as a 16TH of a rain thumb in the past of three months. But it receives finally in the rainy season, therefore I needed the essuie-glace that works.

Immediate comedy! The first time I did this I laughed nervous so hard that I had to grasp my fists and the whirls about in the air, all while keeping it my elbows by my side, just as Herman of Pee Wee. Pee Wee poor.

But because this is the vacation season, I thought could be us a piece more of party. If I see take the liberty of “the translation” several well-loved Christmases Sings! Assess, and put the small nervous laugh of it also a lot.

God Rest Ye, Merry Gentlemen

God rests you, the joyous sirs,
Leave nothing do not discourage you.
To remember Christ our savior
Was born on the Day of Christmas
To save us all of Satan the strength of s
When we were misled.
Oh, comfort tidings and the joy, the comfort and the joy.
Oh, comfort tidings and the joy!

The first Noel

The first Christmas that
The angels said
Was to certain poor shepherds
In the fields where they place;

In the fields where they
Place to keep their sheep
On a night of the cold winter
That was so deep.

The christmas, the Christmas, the Christmas, the Christmas.
Been born is the israël king.

Jolly Old Saint Nicholas

Old cheerful Nicholas of Saint,
Lean your ears this manner!
Do done not say you that an only soul
that I go says.
The day before of christmas comes soon;
now, you old dear man,
listen that you will bring me,
to say me if you can.

Johnny wants a pair of skates to freezes;
Suzy wants a doll.
Nellie wants a history book;
She thinks that the dolls are absurdities.
As for me, my small brain
is not very brilliant.
Choose for me, old Santa Claus,
that you think has reason.

Up on the Rooftop

In top on the of roof pauses it reindeer.
Out old good jumpst Santa Claus.
Down below by the fireplace with a lot of toys,
All for the small christmas joys of a.

Ho, ho, ho, that would not go,
Ho, ho, ho, that would not go,
Climb on the house summit, the trigger, the trigger, the trigger.
Down below by the fireplace with the good Notch of Saint.

And there low you have it! Certain be that imports only you done, you done that I always say that you done: To Assess!

The Ocean Shores Pirate says:

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