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More Discoveries on the Holy Larb Front!

Ever since I fisrt tasted that magical mystery that is Larb (see that article) I have found that as time passes, the allure of Larb continues to grow in my mind. It seems that Larb has gotten stuck in my subconscious, and is clawing att me, nagging, like a cat stuck in a burlap bag, scratching to be let out.

But aside from a cat-eaten box of Larb Flavoured Pretz, I still had no real idea of what the splendiferous Larb was all about. So I got my crack team of researchers on it. I called upon the help of The Ocean Shores Pirate.

Christopher Grant Harris (CGH): Hey, Ocean Shores Pirate. Could you help me with something?

Ocean Shores Pirate (OCP): Arr! I be a pirate!

CGH: Right. Can you tell me what Larb is?

OCP: It's Larb yer be wantin' to know about, eh? Arr!

CGH: If you don't mind.

OCP: Arr, it be Bonafide, Matey!

That's really about all I could get out of him. Luckily, Ryan of the band The Wastelanders threw some info my way. It seemed that he found a recipe that had Larb in it and sent me this link:


From reading the recipe on the other end of this link I learned a few important facts about Holy Larb. It seems that it has some connection to Thailand, being that the recipe is in the "Thai" section of the website. It also seems to have something to do with meat and chilis and ground rice. I was curious, so I decided to call off The Ocean Shores Pirate and do some legwork of my own. Here's what I found out:

  • If you type "larb" in google, my article is the 9th one that pops up!
  • Larb means "luck." I presume in the Thai language, because it certainly doesn't mean luck in English.
  • There are dozens of Larb recipes all over this thing called Internet.

Wow. Who knew that a magical box of godly pretzel sticks would open the gateway to a whole new world? Soon I feel that Fantastico will not be the only one enjoying the flavour of Larb, for now I know that Larb exists more than just as a flavouring for Pretz!

Now armed with several very similar recipes, I have a feeling that within the next month sometime I, with my unworthy kitchen supplies, shall attempt to personally call down the great Larb god into food prepared by my own profane hands: I shall cook a Larb recipe.

Am I being to brash? Am I, like the ancient Babylonians (or was it Sumerians?), angering the gods with my presumptuousness? As they toppled the tower of Babel, so too will they topple my tower of flavor and make my attempt to create Larb in my own kitchen come out tasting terrible?

I will endeavor to keep you posted!

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