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How to be a Movie Star Part 2: Rehearsal

This is so totally embarrassing that it took me so long to get around to chronicling my mega-rise to super-stardom. I've just been kinda busy being a superstar. Okay, okay, so I've been working my behind off doing various things in front of a computer keyboard and monitor.

Anyhoo. Rehearsal was to take place for the movie a couple of weeks before filming, and then maybe one more time (as I said, I had like two lines, so I couldn't imagine not nailing it in one day) a day or so before filming. Well, two days before the first rehearsal was to take place, the director, Renate, called me. The conversation went something like this:

I'm sorry, Chris, but I have to cancel the rehearsal.

That's okay. What's up?

My lead actress fell through. I have to get a new one.

And so I can only assume that her quest for a new acress was fruitful, because she did indeed find one. Rehearsal was tentatively rescheduled to a few days before filming.

And a few days before that, I received another phone call. Oh, don't fret; this actress hadn't quit. She just was not available at any times that I was available.

And so, along came the day of rehearsal, and I had not yet met any of the other cast or crew except the director... COMING SOON: HOW TO BE A MOVIE STAR PART 3: GET YOUR FACE ON FILM!

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