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SMC: The Music Comes Home for Cheap!

If you are anything like me, then you no doubt sit at home and wish you could listen to the music from your favorite video games. Well, recently my brother introduced me to the world of SMC.

I'm not sure what SMC means, but I don't really care, either. Here's what it boils down to: You can download the soundtrack to an entire SNES video game for less than a meg. The ENTIRE soundtrack! I'm talking every song in the game, all compressed into one single file that you can download in about a minute or less (the compression process is called RAR. I don't know what that stands for, either).

It is now possible for me to sit here (like I'm doing now) and listen to the entire f@%&#d-up soundtrack to Earthbound. Or one of the Mega Man X games. Hell, you could download a couple dozen soundtracks, put the thing on shuffle, and jump from Yoshi's Island to Cybernator to Kirby Super Star to Ogre Battle if you wanted (but why would you ever want to listen to music from Ogre Battle? Come to think of it, why would anybody ever want to play that game? Some of my college roommates had it, and it was hell enough just to walk by while they were playing it).

You can store hundreds of game soundtracks on your computer without having to worry about buying more hard drive space, becasue the files are so damned small. Hell, this is the coolest thing since the Spider Man/Transformers comic book crossover! (Transformers issue #3). Anyway. To get you started, I've included the RAR of Kirby Super Star (becuase it's one of my favs) and the player called Xspcv2x. Click the links below to enter the world of SMC. Enjoy!



If you want to get more game soundtracks, go to Zophar's Domain at www.zophar.net.

There are also very similar beasts for NES game soundtracks, called .nsf files. At long last you can listen to the Elecman theme song over and overa again!

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