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Who Stole the Good Name of Shane Glines?

A few months ago I wrote an article about a website that I really like, Cartoon and Illustration Paradise, which is the website of one of my favorite cartoonists/animation designers, Shane Glines. It had an address of www.shaneglines.com as you might expect.

Well, a while later I got an email from a concerned reader who said that www.shaneglines.com had disappeared. I was very disappointed, needless to say. Soon after that, though, the same reader emailed me again and told me he'd found www.shaneglines.net, which was the new home of Shane Glines and his Cartoon and Illustration Paradise.

Why the change from dot com to dot net? I'll let Shane Glines explain it himself. This is from the "Updates" section of his website:

"www.shaneglines.net ??? Glad you managed to find the page again. www.shaneglines.com has been stolen from me. I will continue trying to get it back, but in the meantime you can access the site through www.shaneglines.net.

"Big Stuff planned, so come back, and please tell your friends about the new site address, and shake an angry fist at the rat-bastards who stole my domain name."

Shake an angry fist? I figured I could do better than that. So I went over to godaddy.com and used their Whois finder thing to find out who now had posession of shaneglines.com.

After just a little digging I found out that shaneglines.com was now in the possession of something called Fashion ID, which is apparently based out of Hong Kong. What they could possibly want with the good name of Shane Glines, a relatively obscure illustrator, is way, way beyond me.

So since this Hong Kong company stole shaneglines.com from the man who is actually named Shane Glines, I figure it's only fair that you, the avid readers of thisischris.com and fans of Shane Glines, let Fashion ID know how you feel about that. So here is all their contact information:

For the domain name shaneglines.com they gave this info:

Registrant: info@fashionid.com 2525 5532
Registrant: P.O. Box No. 71826, KCPO YMT,HK,China 86

I also took the liberty of looking up who has ownership of fashionid.com (which, by the way, isn't an actual website; click here), and here's what I got:

Registrant: info@fashionid.com 987654321
Fashion ID
Diamond Hill
Diamond Hill,HK,Hong Kong 852

So here's what I'm thinking. Everybody out there should send a handful of email to the above email addresses every day. Don't go crazy or anything; just like ten a day should do. I recommend you go sign up at mail.yahoo.com with some baloney identity so that it can't be traced back to you somehow. Let Fashion ID know just how much you appreciate thier thievery. In case you're as lazy as I am, I have written here an example email message. You can just copy and paste this and use it as your own message if you want; I give you full permission:

Hey, Jerks!

I've noticed that you have posession of the domain name shaneglines.com. There is a real person who is actually named Shane Glines and you are in posession of his name without his permission. Release control of shaneglines.com back to him immediately and we will forget this little transgression of yours ever happened. Give back the good name of Shane Glines!

Put "GIVE SHANE GLINES BACK HIS NAME!" in the subject line. Or you can write a more clever/insulting/polite message if you want. Just take a minute each day to email it in ten times or so. Let's see if we can't get Shane Glines his good name back!

Click Here to Send that Email!

P.S. All images used in this article are from www.shaneglines.net and are meant as a way to promote his website. I don't have any claim on any of 'em. If you haven't already, try rolling your mouse over the images and watch the fun happen!

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