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With Apologies to Kate Bosworth

I can't believe I did it again. Back a long time ago when I reviewed the American remake of Insomnia, I totally forgot to mention the performance of Maura Tierney, who admittedly had a small role, but a memorable role nonetheless.

Now I've completely forgotten to mention another actress in another movie. This time it's Kate Bosworth in Beyond the Sea.

I sear, I don't do it on purpose. Oftentimes when I'm writing my reviews I just go from the top of my head with little thought to what I'm going to write before I begin, and so I forget to mention things here and there. But how I could forget to mention someone like Kate Bosworth is beyond me.

This beauty with two-tone eyes (her right eye is hazel; her left is blue) auditioned for the Robert Redford flick The Horse Whisperer just to see what it would be like to audition for a movie. She had never acted before. Needless to say she landed the part. But fearing that making movies would rob her of a real childhood, she didn't work in film again for another 18 months.

After making a few more films, her "big break" came in 2002 with the Hawaiin surf flick Blue Crush.

After that it was only a hop, skip, and jump before she was cast as the seemingly inimitable Sandra Dee in Kevin Spacey's Bobby Darin bio pic Beyond the Sea. Who would have thought that it would have been possible for someone to portray Sandra Dee and somehow be even cuter than the real Sandra?

Kate as Sandra

Kate Bosworth has fortunately developed the cutest smile on the Silver Screen right now. There is simply no topping it. That, and her performance is great as the frequently-exasperated Sandra, most especially in an hilarious scene where Bobby and Sandra have a race over who is breaking up with whom.

Suffice it to say that she is so goddam cute in this movie that she has become my new celebrity crush, right up there with Salma Hayek. And she's still early in the first half of her 20s, so she still has a long career ahead of her of lighting up screen with her smile.

So as way of apology to Kate Bosworth for forgetting to mention her at all, here is a gallery of pics of her (And believe me, it wasn't exactly a chore to look at so many pictures of such a lovely lady):

Sorry, Kate!

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